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RMS Titanic

In the first half of the 20th century, the RMS Titanic ship was built as the product of intense competition between rival shipping lines.

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According to the records, the most famous ship of the pre-Soviet Russian Navy was the Dreadnought. However, thanks to the 1925 movie "The Battleship Potemkin" of the same name as the ship, the armored battleship Potemkin was immortalized.

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Bismarck, II. It is one of the armored ships of the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) that took part in World War II.

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Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley, also known as Adventure Galley, is a British sailing ship captained by the infamous pirate William Kidd.

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Water Well

When we look at the old Turkish beliefs, it is seen that the water is as sacred as the ground. There is the concept of the water which is sacred as a protector.

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Legends about mermaids are proudly told for the Hungarian people. But Hungarian residents say that half-human, half-fish creatures are by no means as friendly as depicted in fairy tales. Sellö is one of these creatures for Hungarians.

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Lasirn is a legendary half-woman, the half-fish creature of medieval and Scandinavian folklore. Creatures such as Lasirn are first mentioned in chapter 19 of Enoch's scripture.

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Dragon King

Japanese dragons are various mythical creatures in Japanese mythology and folklore. Japanese dragon myths and indigenous legends are blended with dragons imported from China and Korea.

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The Florentine Codex, a manuscript written and compiled by Nahuas in the sixteenth century, still provides us with a great deal of first-hand information about the ancient traditions of the Aztecs before the conquest of Mexico.

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Aykin Shipyard

Nautica Goods team visited Aykin shipyards in Yalova. This shipyard is famous for preserving and building yachts and other sea vehicles.

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10 Successful Women to Watch in the Field of Maritime

Although the maritime sector seems to be male-dominated, some women have shown themselves by making their difference in this sector.

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Old Fisherman (Old Man and the Sea)

The Old Fisherman novel by Ernest Hemingway is written in English. The 136-page novel has been translated into various languages. The author wrote this novel while living in Cuba. It was first printed in 1952.

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Last Island

The novel called Son Ada, written by Zülfü Livaneli's pen, tells about a peaceful world consisting of forty houses. This work, published in 2008, won the Orhan Kemal Novel Award in 2009.

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My Brother Wind, My Brother Sea

Some writers manage to increase their respect and love with each work they have written. Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos is one such author.

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The novel titled Peace, written by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar is one of the most well-known works among sea-themed books.