Aykin Shipyard

Aykin Shipyard

Nautica Goods team visited Aykin shipyards in Yalova. This shipyard is famous for preserving and building yachts and other sea vehicles. We talked to Marketing Director Eren from Aykın Shipyard about how this success has been transformed, from father to son, who are taught with his centuries-old experience, who can create unique concepts and with his non-obeying skills.

What / what is the difference between Aykın Shipyard from other shipyards?

The most important feature of Aykın Shipyard that distinguishes it from other shipyards is that it provides marine services with a travel lift. We carry out our operations quickly with lifting to 600 tons. We serve on 40 decares of land for the maintenance and repair of marine vessels of different types. Also, we are actively building aluminum and composite yachts in our 5 hangars.

What is the vision of Aykin Shipyard?

Our company's vision is to provide safer and healthier service by keeping up with technology.

So what are the areas that Aykın Shipyard specializes in?

In addition to our active landing operations, we are among the expert companies of the region in hangar investments and yacht production.

Finally, can you tell us about the projects of Aykın Shipyard?

Yalova shipyards area is a developing region. We are also to actively make our investments. The concreting of the field and our two new hangar projects have been completed in 2020. Our project-based new hangars and pier dock projects are now on our agenda. Besides, we have brought our projects such as lighting the field from different angles, setting up the camera system in detail, gathering our services with the pedestal system at the proposal stage.

I would like to congratulate you, especially your shipyard employees, for these important achievements and plans of Aykın Shipyard. Thank you very much for this nice interview. Stay with the hope that you will be successful in your new projects.