About Us

Our Mission

It creates the most comprehensive supply chain in Turkey and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Our vision

To be the most efficient wholesale and retail store in Turkey that sells marine products.

Our Values

Customer Orientation: To keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level during and after-sales.

Sustainable Growth

To grow in an equal denominator with all our business partners.

Operational Excellence

Aligning the efforts of everyone in the organization to create the right understanding of the purpose of our work.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We work to protect our natural resources, to use them most efficiently and to minimize the environmental impacts caused by our activities.

Who are we?

We are proud to offer you the products of our knowledge and experience, and the knowledge and experience of the passion and curiosity that started 25 years ago in the district of Kuşadası in Aydın, and that appeals to sea lovers, antique enthusiasts, and anyone looking for decorative products. Thousands of products in 20 different categories have been collected devotedly from 50 countries and 5000 different points and stored under appropriate conditions. "Above Water", which is the only archive in Turkey and one of the few archives in the world in terms of its product range, has taken a step that will add significant added value to our country's image. We are honored to see you among us on our journey across the world from our country to the world without compromising the principles of high service quality and success, with a wide range of products such as marine and marine products, antiques, souvenirs, ship dismantling products, mythological products, and paintings.

We work devotedly to achieve our goal of becoming a wholesale and retail store that sells the most efficient marine products in our country by creating the most comprehensive supply chain in Turkey and maximizing customer satisfaction. In doing so, we emphasize that we will never compromise our values ​​such as "customer focus, operational excellence, sustainable growth, and environmental and social responsibility".

Above Water; It is a web page that enables the products that have been accumulated over the years and the efforts to come together and bring together the products that have been colored on the maritime theme with its customers. Many products on our website were prepared by hand and collected from different parts of Turkey. We are honored to share this experience of years with our valued customers. Su Üstünun will continue to serve you today and in the future by thanking you for your interest and interest.