30.05.2022 09:04:13

Indispensable Accessory of Divers Diving Watches

Diving watch is one of the indispensable accessories for divers. We can state that these watches are preferred because they have many important features and are especially beneficial for divers during their dives. The world of watches has a very wide range.

16.05.2022 16:36:00

Maritime season shopping list and Boat Kitchen

Onboard shopping and stocking have always been very important to sailors. While traveling in the open seas, not only cooking food but also long-term storage is a problem.

5.05.2022 08:39:00

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions for Sea Lovers

As mother's day approached, a rush began about what gifts to be bought for our mothers, who are our most valuable assets.

25.04.2022 09:15:49

How to Use Decorative Vase Models? Things You Should Know When Choosing Decorative Vase Models

Decorative vase products are one of the most used parts in decoration. The most important feature of these products is to take the decoration one step further. Sometimes small and sometimes very large, these vases create an incredible decorative effect.

11.04.2022 13:35:55

What Are Clocks and Their Meanings?

Have you ever noticed clocks and their meanings? Or have you noticed that the hours you constantly look at during the day actually have a meaning and that these meanings mean a lot when read?

23.05.2021 11:00:00

Coast Guard Vessels Protecting All Coasts of Turkey

Coast guard ships are the unit that protects the sea and land borders of a country and at the same time controls the events occurring at sea.

22.05.2021 11:00:00

Savarona Ship-23 April

We can say that we are a very lucky nation to have a history full of impressive and important achievements.

21.05.2021 11:00:00

Bring the Coastal Breeze to Your Walls!

Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements of decoration is wall decoration products. How the walls look and exactly how they are decorated with decorative products matter.

20.05.2021 11:14:00

Environmentally Friendly Products That We Can Use In Our Daily Life

The fact that the products used in daily life are healthy and environmentally friendly makes a big difference for the world we live in.

19.05.2021 11:08:00

Add Breathing Rooms to Your Home: Calm Room Designs with Sea Blue

The colors and decorative parts commonly used in home decoration have effects on people.

18.05.2021 11:01:00

3 Ideas to Add Fun to Your Hours at Home

We recommend you to read our article if you are looking for answers to the questions of what activities to be done as a family at home, what are the hobbies we can do at home.

17.05.2021 10:53:00

Prepare Your Home Decoration for Summer: Marine Themed Decorative Products

If you want to reflect the beautiful energy of summer, beaches, and sea in your home decoration, you can choose decorative pieces for this.

15.05.2021 10:28:00

Creating Creative Decorations with Antique Products

With its historical texture and characteristic appearance, antique products that add a completely different atmosphere to interior decorations can be used in all areas of home decoration and office decorations.

14.05.2021 10:18:00

May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day - Bandırma Ferry

Atatürk went to Samsun on May 19, 1919, on the Bandırma Ferry and the future of a nation was saved.

13.05.2021 10:00:00

The Most Well-known Marine Tool: Ship Anchor

The ship anchor, which is used in ships and has a very important place, has now become one of the important parts of their decorations.