Coast Guard Vessels Protecting All Coasts of Turkey

Coast Guard Vessels Protecting All Coasts of Turkey

Coast guard ships are the unit that protects the sea and land borders of a country and at the same time controls the events occurring at sea. Turkey's coast guard units are working very effectively and doing very important things in this regard.

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Coast Guard Command

The Coast Guard Command was established in 1932 as a subordinate of the General Staff and has come to this day with some changes. Its task is to ensure the security and control of all coasts, inland waters, straits, gulfs, ports, and territorial waters of Turkey. This institution, which is an important military power, actively takes part in war situations.

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Original Ship Models

There are models of many types of ships, especially the models of important units in Turkish maritime history such as the coast guard command. You can find models of sea vehicles that are exact copies of the original ships made for many areas of the Turkish naval forces by your interests. The tracking ship is a model of original followership and is also extremely majestic.

When purchasing a ship model, you can choose your ship model according to your interests. In general, ship models are offered in many different areas. You can also find models of famous ships.

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