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Discover the Magical Air of the Sea with Sea Creatures Decorative Products!

Thanks to the decorative products of sea creatures, you can reflect the magnificent air of the sea to your living spaces.

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How was the New World Discovered?

The legends that there is a lost continent beyond the ocean that nobody knows have been told from ear to ear since ancient times. The most famous of these legends was the one told by Plato about the island of Atlantis.

25.04.2021 10:48:00

Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved

As one of the biggest mysteries in the world, the ship named Titanic was shown to be sunk. A documentary was produced after the last century after the ship disappeared in the darkness of the ocean.

24.04.2021 10:44:00

Pre-Season Preparation

Boats should make some preparations in advance to have a smooth season at sea.

22.04.2021 10:35:00

Factors Affecting Maneuvers

It is not always easy to control vehicles and examine maneuvers at sea. There are especially factors affecting maneuvers.

21.04.2021 10:31:00

History of Communication with Sign Flags

Sign banners and pennants have important functions today. These are important elements that enable ships to communicate among themselves or between ships on duty at the beach.

20.04.2021 10:27:00

Historical Development of Cartography

The history of cartography science dates back to the beginning as well as the beginning of the times when humans first settled.

19.04.2021 10:23:00

Design Decoration on Ships

Companies operating in Istanbul and manufacturing furniture accessories and decorations on maritime attract attention. Established in the early 90s in the maritime industry, these companies have also closed an important gap.

16.04.2021 10:17:00

Diseases Seen From Sailors

Occurring in nature by sailors in ancient times; It was believed that natural phenomena such as storm, wind, and currents were caused by supernatural forces. Deadly outbreaks and infectious diseases were also considered the wrath of the creator.

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James Cameron, the director, screenwriter, co-producer, and co-editor of the movie Titanic, epic-romantic. The movie, released in 1997, is American-made. It was built on the sinking of the ship named Titanic.

14.04.2021 10:09:50

The Goonies

The Sea Hunters translated into Turkish as The Goonies American-made film is a film shot in 1985. In January of 1996, it was put on display in one of the Turkish television channels. Richard Donner sat in the film's director's chair.

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Steven Spielberg directed the movie Hook, which was translated as a hook into Turkish. It is the continuation of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan in 1991. It is a film for a fantasy shot in 1991.

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Haakon Haakonsen

The English title of the film, which is called Haakon Haakonsen in Norwegian, is shipwrecked. It was directed by Nils Gaup.

8.04.2021 10:39:00

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean are an adventure film series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. His screenwriters are Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio.

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The 2006 US film Poseidon is an important film that the action and tension do not drop for a moment. The director of The Perfect Storm, Wolfgang Petersen, is also the director of the film, and again impressive scenes are included.