Factors Affecting Maneuvers

Factors Affecting Maneuvers

It is not always easy to control vehicles and examine maneuvers at sea. There are especially factors affecting maneuvers. If we talk about what these are.

1. Propeller Effect The impact of propellers on maneuvers takes place in two ways.

• In the action known as a central influence, it affects the boat back and forth.

• In the transverse effect, it acts on the right and left.

2. Rudder Effect These are the areas formed by the waters hitting the rudder range while on the move.

• On the pier, it will return to the pier on the boat. He returns to the starboard side in the same way he is in the starboard.

• While at Tornistan, the bow will turn to starboard if the rudder is at the port side, and the bow will return to the pier at the starboard.

3. Wind Effect Wind It is an element that applies thrust to the boat in certain water. It always drags the boat to the wind. Drift changes according to the depth of the boat and the intensity of the wind.

4. Stream Effect Making room for the boat comes for the movement of the waters. Select the route accordingly, knowing the direction of the current and the intensity of the wind. Route control is for route checks and corrections depending on the situation.