Water Well

Water Well

When we look at the old Turkish beliefs, it is seen that the water is as sacred as the ground. There is the concept of the water which is sacred as a protector. The concept of water is quite broad for ancient Turks. It has a meaning that includes not only the seas but also all rivers, lakes, all rushing waters, and springs. Turks regard water as the place where power and abundance come from. At the same time, these waters take on the role of a protective and punitive God. Those who do not do their duty well are punished by the waters. He sends rain to the people who do good as a reward. For Turks, it means rain and abundance.

According to belief, the water is good

According to the belief, every water has a good that it has and continues its life within itself. Sea monsters rumored to be found in the west are generally harmful beings. On the other hand, people in Turkish belief are far from the thought of harming people, contrary to their Western counterparts. Sea monsters belonging to aliens have terrible images. However, water bodies protect the water body in which they continue to live from all damages. The images are quite beautiful. They shine light in their surroundings by wearing white-colored clothes. They continue their lives in their palaces in the body of water they are in. There are large rocks on these palaces. Every water owner has a special palace.

What is the External View of the Water Well?

Water well has the kind of fishtail that mermaid has. According to the stories, the skin colors are blue like the sea. Some seaweed may have horns. However, this horn has a very aesthetic appearance. There is also a type of water sona, which is named water sona or water sona and has half female and half-fish body. These varieties sit on a rock. It is said that it will bring luck to those who see it.

In Tatar mythology, there is also the concept of water. The ancestor of water, water, and water mother mean almost the same to them. The water has a designated water source. However, in others, this source is not visible. During historical life, water has been the basic need of life for the of humanity. For this reason, the water has sometimes reflected the mercy of God and sometimes presented the beauty of nature.