10 Successful Women to Watch in the Field of Maritime

10 Successful Women to Watch in the Field of Maritime

Although the maritime sector seems to be male-dominated, some women have shown themselves by making their difference in this sector. So much so that 10 successful women to be watched in the field of maritime are selected and their awards are presented within the scope of the Nor-Shipping Fair held every year in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Within the scope of this fair, every year a choice is made among the most successful women under the age of 40 who have achieved success in the field of maritime.

In the elections held in 2019, there was a development that made us very happy. In the elections held that year, our two Turkish female captains found a place among the most successful female sailors. Captain Ayşe Aslı Başak and Hande Arı are these two important names. Flowers were presented to these two important names that make us very proud at the ceremony held in Oslo by Olav Sollie, CEO of Norwegian Car Carriers. At the ceremony, these 10 women were thanked and their flowers were presented.

While everything is so difficult and tiring for women in the maritime industry, it is extremely important to crown their success in such organizations. It is a highly motivating development for women who want to enter this sector. Speaking at the event, Norwegian Car Carriers Senior Manager (CEO) Olav Sollie stated that the event was organized internationally for the first time and that the elections were held considering many important criteria. She explained that young, dynamic, and passionate women under the age of 40 have done important work in the field of maritime.

These events and organizations are extremely important for raising awareness in the maritime sector and for women to find more space in this sector. It is extremely important for women to be successful in every field and to set an example for future generations.

This enables new generations to enter the sector more courageously. Thanks to this method, which was introduced in 2017, it is aimed for women to be more courageous when entering this sector. It is extremely important and valuable for the organization.

As a result, women can take a much more active role in the maritime industry thanks to such organizations. The 10 successful women's lists to be followed in the maritime field are extremely important for all these reasons.