Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley, also known as Adventure Galley, is a British sailing ship captained by the infamous pirate William Kidd. It has square sails to give this famous ship maneuverability in both windy and calm conditions. Adventure Gallery belongs to a hybrid ship category and was launched at the end of 1695.

Who Owns Adventure Galley?

Kidd was born in Greenock, Scotland, to a respectable family. He won a French ship after the war between England and France started. It is also known that he dared to save the British troops from destruction.

Kidd settled in New York in 1691 at the age of forty-seven. A year later, Captain Culliford, a notorious pirate, stole Kidd's ship while on land in Antigua in the West Indies.

Kidd was such a successful soldier in New York and the West Indies during his time that he was recalled to serve England. The king's officers offered him a new powerful ship.

This proposal was Adventure Galley, one of the historic ships. This ship, translated into Turkish as Adventure Galley, was very suitable for the task of catching pirates. Because it had a capacity of over 284 tons, 34 guns, and 150 men.

Kidd personally selected the crew to accompany him. Unfortunately, shortly after he set sail, most of Kidd's crew was stopped by the Duchess of HMS, who was commissioned in the navy.

In line with this changed plan, Kidd added new people, some of whom were pirates, to his crew.

When the crew issue was resolved, Adventure Galley set out for Madagascar. However, after months at sea, no acceptable victim has been found. After the failure, many crew members left Kidd. The remaining crew pressured Kidd to attack any ships they encountered. William Kidd refused the crew's request. So there was an argument between Kidd and ship artillery. Kidd killed the ship's artillery after this argument.

After this incident, Kidd and his crew started looting all types of ships.

Adventure Galley's End

Kidd took his biggest loot, the 400-ton French-protected Quedagh Merchant on 30 January 1698.

When the news reached the UK, the British East India Company declared Kidd a pirate for his move.

Various naval commanders were ordered by the British East India Company to pursue and seize Kidd's famous ship, Adventure Galley, but none were successful.

On April 1, 1698, Adventure Galley reached Madagascar. Here Kidd found Robert Culliford, the first pirate of his journey.

Kidd ordered his men to attack Robert Culliford, but his men rebelled against Kidd and joined the enemy fleet. Only 13 of Kidd's crew remain. Kidd had no choice but to go home.

He was arrested on July 6, 1699. He was found guilty of all charges (murder and chief piracy). He was executed in 1701.

Adventure Galley was cremated at San Maria, a formidable pirate base. The remains of the ship are still located in the island's shallow bay.