The Florentine Codex, a manuscript written and compiled by Nahuas in the sixteenth century, still provides us with a great deal of first-hand information about the ancient traditions of the Aztecs before the conquest of Mexico. Important passages about Aztec history, religion, and gods can be found in it. The part where he gave information about Ahuizotl, an aquatic animal living in the lakes and rivers around Tenochtitlan, is quite interesting. This creature, which is the doom of many fishermen, is thought to kill those who go deep into the water.

Belief in Ahuziotl

Ahuízotl is considered by some researchers to be a legendary animal. It is thought to be a disaster for water-goers. The tip of Ahuizotl's tail awaits a victim to be drawn into the water from his head. The person who is drawn into the water drowns by being dragged under the surface after a struggle that spews up the foamy water. Among the sea monsters, Ahuizotl uses his sharp teeth to remove the eyes, teeth, and nails of his victim. The corpse he shredded comes to the surface a few days later. However, since this corpse is too valuable to be touched, any Aztecs are not authorized to take it out of the water. This quest can only be completed by the water gods Tlaloque priests.

According to the Aztec religious belief, those who encounter their death by drowning travel to the beautiful paradise on earth Tlalocan, home of the water god Tlaloc, his wife Chalchiuhtlicue, and their helpers Tlaloque. This fate is thought to be chosen by these gods either because they had to be rewarded forever in Tlalocan, or because they dared to accumulate gemstones, water symbols, instead of offering them to the gods.

How Does Ahuziotl Look?

The raspberry has a long dog-like head except for its eyes positioned over its second snout at the tip of its nose. They have dog-like hind legs and monkey-like forelegs. It also walks on all fours with a long ape-like tail with a hand on the end. Ahuizotl has a tuxedo-style jacket. Most of his body is dark blue fur; its stomach, jaws, and hands are lighter blue. The raspberry has pendant-like jewelry. It also has a hoop earring on one ear. It has three bracelet-like ornaments, one around each front foot, tail, and wrist. These charms have a gold color.