17.01.2021 10:00:00

Gibraltar Marine

He translated the novel The Sea of ​​Gibraltar, whose original title was Le Marin de Gibraltar, into Repeating Mediterranean Turkish.

16.01.2021 10:15:00

The Last Dock

The novel, Son Rıhtım, which made a high impact on the reader, was written by Alvaro Mutis. This novel tells what happened on the Tramp Steamer, a wrecked, stray, and tired freighter.

15.01.2021 10:10:00

Sound of the Waves

Yukio Mishima is the author of the novel The Voice of the Waves. This work is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to sea-themed books.

14.01.2021 10:04:36

A Lost Sailor

This work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who also received the Nobel Prize, is based on an event that has happened and has been the subject of the press.

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Aganta Burina Burinata

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Marine Painters: Ahmet Vesim Pasha

10.01.2021 11:23:00

Marine Painters: İbrahim Efendi

9.01.2021 11:21:00

Marine Painters: Seyit Ali Efendi

8.01.2021 11:19:00

Marine Painters: Haydar Reis

7.01.2021 11:02:00

Marine Painters: Fahri Efendi

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Mami Wata

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