Old Fisherman (Old Man and the Sea)

Old Fisherman (Old Man and the Sea)

The Old Fisherman novel by Ernest Hemingway is written in English. The 136-page novel has been translated into various languages. The author wrote this novel while living in Cuba. It was first printed in 1952. It is the last novel published in Ernest Hemingway's lifetime. He also had books published after his death. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1953, one year after its publication. In 1954, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. The reason why he received the award here is the mastery of his work.

The novel Old Fishermen has been highly appreciated by the readers. Filmmakers could not remain unresponsive to this admiration. This work, which is among the sea-themed books, was adapted to the big screen in 1958. In our country, this novel is among the 100 Basic Works determined by the Ministry of National Education.

The protagonist of the novel was Santiago of Cuban. He is engaged in fishing. The story begins with this man failing to fish for 84 days. Failure for such a long time is regarded as bad luck by those around us. The apprentice's family even prohibited him from sailing with Santiago. The apprentice is advised by his family to go out with successful fishermen.

After long desperation, the old fisherman goes to the Gulf Stream in the north of Cuba on the 85th day. He intends to fish here. Here he comes across the very large Merlin fish. The struggle of Santiago, the fisherman, who is very old, with the Merlin fish is the subject of the novel.

The main idea of ​​the novel is that it is necessary to struggle against difficulties encountered with a goal. The message is presented that it is right to do your best. There are two characters in the novel to convey this message. One of these characters is the old fisherman. He has never lost his fighting spirit within. He trusts his experience even in adverse situations he encounters. He doesn't stop trying. The other character, the child, is a middle family child. He is very respectful to the elders. Even if his family did not find it suitable, he continued to help the old fisherman who was his master. He is a loving child. These two characters are very well depicted in the short novel The Old Fish. It has turned into an immersive and breathtaking adventure.