Dragon King

Dragon King

Japanese dragons are various mythical creatures in Japanese mythology and folklore. Japanese dragon myths and indigenous legends are blended with dragons imported from China and Korea. The Dragon King is the head of all the dragons described. Like East Asian dragons, most Japanese associate dragons with rainfall and bodies of water. Dragons are generally water gods. Typically depicted as snake-like creatures with big feet, no wings. The dragon king is also described as similar to this type. 

Where Does the Dragon King Live? 

The Dragon King, the protector, and ruler of the sea are said to have lived in an underwater palace near Ryuku Islands of Ryujin. The palace hides jewels that control the tides of the sea. This palace was built using red and white-colored corals. The Dragon King, who is among the sea monsters like the sea, is also pessimistic and unpredictable. Sometimes he pretends to be a calm person and smiles. Sometimes it can make grunts and punishing sounds. It also can change shape when it wants. Thanks to this ability, it can transform into a human form. The Dragon King is willing to do good to mortals from time to time, although it is rare.

A Story About the Dragon King

Once upon a time, a great and brave warrior named Takenouchi lived in Japan. It was said that he lived to be 360 ​​years old. Therefore, he was very smart. Takenouchi was so wise that most of Japan's rulers would seek advice from him.

In Japan, a terrifying and ferocious sea monster terrorized the waters and killed people and sea creatures alike. Takenouchi learned in a dream one night that he was chosen by heaven to destroy the evil sea monster. He set out to escape the waters of the beast and accomplished this task with intense courage.

The Dragon King, the owner of the sea, was happy about this event. He came out of the deep waters of the ocean with his servant to thank Takenouchi for his help. He gifted Takenouchi a beautiful and magical gem that gave control of the seas to its owner. Takenouchi thanked him and humbly accepted the wonderful gift. Both people and sea creatures are happy that the waters are now in peace. The gifted gem was also kept as a souvenir by the Dragon King.