Trinket & Figures & Sculptures

Valuable, vintage, custom made rare figurines, and sculpture models are in the Nautica Goods. From decorative glass figurines to historical figurines, from maritime figures to captain statues, all the products you are looking for are found in the trinket, figure, and sculpture section.

Porcelain Whale Trinket
Porcelain Whale Trinket The red porcelain whale trinket that will add elegance to your home and show your style in the best way is 16.5 cm wide and 8.5 cm tall.... 59,00 TRY
Colored Glass Trinket Fish Glass fish figurines in four different colors. The trinkets, which are indispensable for the minimal elegance prepared with meticulous care, have 10.5 cm width and 2.5 cm paint.... 59,00 TRY
Glass Ornamental Fish Handmade decorative goldfish figurine with glass-forming technique in flame. It is 9 cm wide and 5.5 cm tall.... 118,00 TRY
Sailing Shaped Ornament Porcelain ornament with a sail-shaped flower on top. It is made of 12 cm wide and 12 cm long sized ceramic.... 59,00 TRY
Porcelain Fish Figurine Porcelain fish figurine with decorative evil eye bead visual is a stylish, style, handmade trinket made of ceramics that you can use as a decor in your home, workplace, and present it to your loved ones. It measures 15.5 cm in width and 12 cm in length.... 88,50 TRY
Sea Shell Sailboat Trinket Handmade sailboat trinket made of seashells. Thanks to the stylish appearance of the seashells in the sailboat section, the sailing souvenirs that you will like are just for you.... 29,50 TRY
Ship Trinket Modern, stylishly designed ship trinket. This trinket made of ceramic material is 15 cm wide and 15.5 cm high.... 885,00 TRY
Eratini Souvenir Glass Ship Figurine Decorative, precious, vintage, custom-made, rare Eratini souvenir glass ship trinket that will add air to your table. The trinket with a width of 20 cm is 8.5 cm tall.... 177,00 TRY
Marmaris Souvenir Fishing Figurine The souvenir of fisherman figurine from Marmaris is a highly loved and preferred product as a decorative object. Thanks to the neon (fluorescent) paint on it, it creates an effect that shows itself when it is bright and reflective with less reflection.... 59,00 TRY
Glass Boat Trinket A trinket with a marine motif, given a special technique applied to the base with a boat motif made of glass. The trinket with a width of 13 cm has a width of 5.5 cm.... 177,00 TRY
Kaptan Baykuş Biblosu Owl figurine with a captain figure made of metal material is 11.5 cm high and 5.5 cm wide.... 354,00 TRY
Whale Trinket Adorned with Metal Stones The whale trinket, decorated with stones made of handmade metal, is 11 cm wide and 6.5 cm tall.... 59,00 TRY
Fish Trinket in Magenta Color Fish figurine decorated with lilac-colored handmade stones. It is made of metal, 6.5 cm wide and 6.5 cm long.... 59,00 TRY
Sea Horse Trinket Handmade porcelain sea horse figurine. It is 7 cm wide and 14 cm high.... 29,50 TRY
Rocking Ship Figurine Tumbler ship trinket that will add style to your home or office. The trinket, made of metal and tin, is 13 cm wide and 27 cm tall.... 354,00 TRY
Sailing Ceramic Our sailboat wooden product is carefully prepared to give it to your relatives who are interested in private maritime and ships, or who are interested in all of them, as a gift.... 118,00 TRY
Fish Four Candle Holder Fish Candle Holders is a pretty sweet design created by bringing 4 cute fish side by side. These ceramic candle holders are ideal for both you and your loved ones.... 35,40 TRY
Captain Statue
Captain Statue
Captain Statue
Captain Statue Captain Statue is a very popular and preferred product as a decorative object. Unlike these accessories that we are used to see on work desks in homes, the product is used on the floor with a length o... 1180,00 TRY
Ceramic Sailing Fish Ceramic Sail Fish This meticulous and elaborate fish figure says hello to us with its sailboats drawn on it and its medieval breezes. Crafted with fine and high quality workmanship, this product is a ... 236,00 TRY
Glass Boat Ashtray Glass Boat Ashtray is a product that you can use as decoration product in your home or you can use it as an ashtray in your home. This stylish ashtray prepared in boat design has been combined with th... 118,00 TRY
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique Penholder
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique Penholder If you want a different and unique penholder we suggest Turkey Maritime Organization Inc. It is a vintage pen holder. You can love this design which is a very unique product.... 41,30 TRY
Rudder Lighters
Rudder Lighters Rudder Lighter is a very nice product especially for people interested in different lighters. 7 * 5 cm in size, there is a rudder figure on the lighter and it is processed in an incredibly impressive ... 118,00 TRY
Uncle Ben's Rice Box Uncle Ben’s rice box is a very sweet ornament that you can give to women. This antique box can decorate your kitchen very nicely and add a different atmosphere. You can also store something inside.... 236,00 TRY
Skull Head Figurines While dry heads are often eerie, Dry Heads are, by contrast, quite fun-looking. These 7 * 4 cm size figurines are extremely cheerful products that can be used as decorative in homes.... 59,00 TRY
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