Trinket & Figures & Sculptures

Valuable, vintage, custom made rare figurines, and sculpture models are in the Nautica Goods. From decorative glass figurines to historical figurines, from maritime figures to captain statues, all the products you are looking for are found in the trinket, figure, and sculpture section.

Ship and Bear Figured Water Globe
Ship and Bear Figured Water GlobeA Water-ball Love Ship Trinket, One Of The Adorable Gift Options To Show Off Your Love....47,20 TRY
Brass SailboatCollectible Sailing Ship With Detailed Handcrafted Ship Made Entirely Of Brass Material...118,00 TRY
Marmaris Souvenir Phosphorous TrinketMarmaris Memorabilia Phosphorous Trinket...59,00 TRY
Wooden Ship TrinketWooden Ship Trinket...35,40 TRY
Wind Up Pirate Ship ToysSmall Pirate Ships Of Foreign Origin....35,40 TRY
Kusadasi Souvenir Lighthouse FigurineKusadasi Memorabilia Lighthouse Trinket...23,60 TRY
Kusadasi Souvenir Sailboat FigurineKusadasi Memorabilia Sailing Trinket...11,80 TRY
Fishing Boat Figured Piggy BankPiggy Bank With Fishing Boat Figure...472,00 TRY
Wind Up Metal Nostalgic Ship ToyBuilt Metal Nostalgic Ship Toy...118,00 TRY
Wind-Up Nostalgic Warship ToyThe Nostalgic Warship Toy Of German Origin....118,00 TRY
Wind-Up Nostalgic Warship ToyNostalgic Warship Toy, Model of German-origin warlord....118,00 TRY
Antalya Souvenir Sailboat TrinketSailboat figurine on the floor decorated with sea shells. Antalya sake sailboat trinket, which you can present to your loved ones or be a wonderful décor in your home, workplace. It is 9 cm wide and 15 cm tall....41,30 TRY
Sea Shell Fish TrinketDecorative fish figurine decorated with real sea shells. The height of our product is 23 cm. In addition to using our trinket in your own home, you can also present it to your loved ones and make them happy....177,00 TRY
Metal Sailor FigurineMetal figurine with a sailor figure that you can use as a decorative item on the bookshelf, TV unit, Shelf or desk. It is 7 cm wide and 13 cm high....177,00 TRY
Captain Figured Water SphereIf you are looking for a gift that will make your loved ones feel special and experience different emotions, the captain's water sphere on the sandal trinket is for you. Captain figure water sphere is 19.5 cm wide and 7 cm long....41,30 TRY
Vintage Metal Sailboat TrinketSailing ship trinket with fine details, made with handmade metal. This trinket fixed on a wooden base is 10 cm wide and 9.5 cm high....236,00 TRY
Fairy Chimney Figured With Sailboat PatternCeramic trinket showing the perfect harmony of fairy chimneys and sailing ship figure. It is 15 cm wide and 14.5 cm high....35,40 TRY
Kusadasi Souvenir Sea TurtleSouvenir of Kusadasi with figured sea turtle figurines. Reflecting on the unique clean seas and beaches of Kuşadası, this bilo is 8 cm wide and 10 cm high....23,60 TRY
Wooden Decorative BoatWooden boat trinket wrapped with mesh with real sea shells inside. It is 30 cm wide and 9 cm long....41,30 TRY
Glass Sailboat TrinketThis piece, which comes from the meeting of perfect glass handmade work with colored glass and wire, is 17 cm wide and 22 cm high....59,00 TRY
Porcelain Whale TrinketThe red porcelain whale trinket that will add elegance to your home and show your style in the best way is 16.5 cm wide and 8.5 cm tall....59,00 TRY
Colored Glass Trinket FishGlass fish figurines in four different colors. The trinkets, which are indispensable for the minimal elegance prepared with meticulous care, have 10.5 cm width and 2.5 cm paint....59,00 TRY
Glass Ornamental FishHandmade decorative goldfish figurine with glass-forming technique in flame. It is 9 cm wide and 5.5 cm tall....118,00 TRY
Sailing Shaped OrnamentPorcelain ornament with a sail-shaped flower on top. It is made of 12 cm wide and 12 cm long sized ceramic....59,00 TRY
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