You can find hundreds of different product types and models that will add elegance to your loved ones as gifts for your home and office. You can buy souvenirs related to the original design maritime that will give you unforgettable gifts.

Erikli Souvenir Ashtray
Erikli Souvenir AshtrayThe Collection Of Erikli Attached To Edirne Keşan Is An Ornamental Ashtray With Sail Figure That Can Be Hung On The Wall....11,80 TRY
Hislon Shackle ClockA Gorgeous Pocket Watch With Swiss-made Hislon Brand...472,00 TRY
Knit Navy BabyHandmade knitted cloth toys Marines Republic of Turkey. Amigurumi is organic hand knitted doll and doll that can be a sleep companion....236,00 TRY
Sarome Ship Shaped Chrome LighterSarome Brand Ship Shaped Chrome Gas Lighter. It is a product that can be preferred by collectors in this field....354,00 TRY
Round Straw Weave BagIt is an accessory that reflects elegance with this product design, which is produced entirely hand-made by weaving straw and tether thread. Thanks to its design and materials used, the original decorations on this handmade product, which makes the sea, sand and sun feel to our marrows, are comple...99,99 TRY
Straw Weave BagHandmade women's handbag made from wicker and clutch bamboo knit. Produced completely handmade by weaving straw and clutch bamboo, this product is an accessory that reflects elegance with its design....100,01 TRY
Knit SlippersKnitted handmade slippers with combed cotton. You can use combed cotton yarn slippers that you can use at home, on the beach, on the hot sands, combining comfort and elegance. These trendy knitted slippers are 30 degrees washable....60,00 TRY
Evil Eye Beaded MagnetMagnet with evil eye bead sailing figure adhering to metal surfaces like a refrigerator. It is 6 cm wide and 9.5 cm tall....23,60 TRY
Sailboat Cross StitchThe wave of the sea that meets the warmth of the sun and a sailboat opening towards happiness. Sailboat etamine cross stitch is the perfect choice for those who love blue cruises. Pulley diameter 20.5 cm....354,00 TRY
Anchor and Rudder Figured Glass Cup SetYou can use this set consisting of two glasses and jugs with glass and jug, which is specially designed for sailors, captains, sailing, sea and sea sports lovers while offering gifts to your loved ones or special guests....118,00 TRY
Metal Sailing Napkin HolderAuthentic napkin holder designed as sailing boat embossed metal knitting. Napkin measures are 10 cm wide and 4.5 cm high....236,00 TRY
Sailing NapkinThis stylish napkin holder designed as a sailing boat is the memory of Erdek and Ocaklar. Napkin measures 12 cm wide, 9 cm long....29,50 TRY
Sailboat Design Printed Mug CupThis different and creative design printed porcelain mug cup, specially prepared for sailors, captains, sailing, sea and sea sports lovers, will be the most enjoyable way to consume your hot and cold drinks. The tray of the plate mug cup product is 12 cm wide and 22 cm long....88,50 TRY
Propeller CompassIt is a unique product that people who want different products will enjoy. It has a great look and design. Compass mounted in the center of the plastic propeller. The product is 16.5 cm in diameter....147,50 TRY
Ship and Lighthouse Model in Horizontal Glass BottleThe model of the ship was made with fine workmanship in this incredibly beautiful handmade glass bottle, which will be watched by admirers. The bottle of this model, which will be a unique gift option for your loved ones, is 14 cm wide and 9.5 cm high....118,00 TRY
Sailing Ship Pen HolderDecorative wooden sailing ship pen holder will bring a new air to homes and offices. This modern sailing pen holder is also a great gift alternative. The dimensions of the product are 22cm x 15.5cm x 7cm....59,00 TRY
Sachet Storage ContainerYou can use your bags regularly with this stylish home-looking box. Our products are 42x12x12 cm....118,00 TRY
Ship Model in Vertical Glass BottleThe model of the ship is made with fine workmanship in this incredible handmade glass bottle, which will be watched by admirers, and its mouth is sealed. The bottle of this model, which will be a unique gift option for your loved ones, is 14.5 cm wide and 19.5 cm high....88,50 TRY
Wooden boxOne of the best examples of wooden boxes, one of the most trending arrangement options lately, is a lighthouse-printed two-compartment box. It is 21 cm wide and 12 cm tall....59,00 TRY
Wood Carving Ship ModelHandmade boat model made with wood carving art. It can go over the water after it is installed by the tire in its propeller. Its width is 19 cm and the length is 6.5 cm....59,00 TRY
Dolphin Fish Soda OpenerDecorative Dolphin fish bottle opener from Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach memory made of plastic and metal material, this open is 15 cm wide, 5 cm tall....29,50 TRY
Porcelain Egg CupYou can eat or present your egg, which is indispensable in the morning breakfast, with a shark-patterned porcelain ovary, living the seafarer's soul. The porcelain ovary is 5 cm wide and 5 cm long....29,50 TRY
Foça's Memory TrayFoça's memory is a wooden tray with a vintage perimeter leaf. It is 35 cm wide and 20 cm tall....59,00 TRY
Glass Candle HolderDecorative glass candle holder in life simulator. It is 11 cm wide and 5 cm high....23,60 TRY
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