Ship Scrap Yard Products

The valuable products in ship dismantling in Turkey and the world are waiting for you. It is arranged, removed without damage, to spot products and to do necessary repairs for you. We meet at the ship recycling products category in Nautica Goods after doing the renovations. A unique and valuable gift to your loved ones. The products in the disassembly category will fascinate those who see them with their designs as well as being stylish and decorative.

Compass Mirror
Compass Mirror Compass Mirror is a very useful product that will be loved by everyone who is interested in maritime.... 914,50 TRY
Pareketa Team
Pareketa Team Pareketa Team is made up of unique pieces that antique ship lovers can choose. If you are a collector, this is a very important set you should never miss. It's in pretty good shape.... 2360,00 TRY
Oval Porthole Blind The antique Oval Lumboz Blind is a unique piece for people who love decorative products in this house. This product, which is in the category of ship parts, can be easily used as a decorative product.... 1357,00 TRY
Telegraph Machine Machine Telegraph which is an important tool in ships is sold in antique quality. This unique piece, which includes experience and experience, is very special. It has a special design that affects peo... 8850,00 TRY
Pedestal Compass Pedestal Compass is one of the products among ship tools and equipment. This product, which is quite old and precious, is antique. It is a unique piece that you can easily use as a decorative product.... 6490,00 TRY
Caged Lamp Green Antique lamp category Cage Lamp Green is a very popular product. The light reflected from the green glass adds a different atmosphere to the environment. As a nostalgic product, the lamp can be easily... 442,50 TRY
Caged Lamp Red Cage Lamp Red is an excellent product with a special design for ships. This design is a unique product that will create a different atmosphere in homes. It is a product that people who love antique la... 442,50 TRY
Galvanized Gas Made Russian Lantern Galvanized Gas Russian Made Lighthouse This lighthouse has an authentic appearance. This gas lantern is a decorative product. It is a very durable and high quality flashlight and can be stored for man... 885,00 TRY
Steering Wheel Rudder Cabinet is an impressive product with antique value among ship materials. If you are interested in such products, antique is a unique piece that you should not miss. It is also impressive with ... 14160,00 TRY
Double Deck Lantern Double Deck Lantern is a unique piece that should not be missed by people who are interested in ship accessories. The antique lantern has an impressive appearance. This lighthouse which is one of the ... 2065,00 TRY
Copper Projector Copper Projector is an important product among ship accessories that most collectors want to have. This antique product is completely copper and has a design you will like.... 1475,00 TRY
Copper Lantern If you want to use the lanterns, one of the most important tools used in ships, as decoration element, the copper lantern is for you. This antique product is both very elegant and authentic.... 1298,00 TRY
Wooden Compass Cabinet You can use compass cabinets which have a very important place in ships as decorative products in your home and workplace. Wooden Compass Cabinet is a unique product that impresses with its appearanc... 5900,00 TRY
Easy Cruise Life The famous Easy Cruise Life cruise ship is a product that you can use both as a collection and as a painting. It is a picture that impresses people with its magnificent ship appearance.... 354,00 TRY
Porthole Allah The Lumboz Allah product, which has Allah written on it and has a very naive elegant design, is quite impressive. 60 cm in diameter, this product is a special product that will add difference to your ... 2360,00 TRY
Porthole Mohammed Porthole Hz. Mohammed with the Arabic alphabet. It is a special design with the name of Muhammad. It is a unique product that can be easily used as decorative product in living spaces. It has special ... 2360,00 TRY
Princess Danae Ship Chart Princess Danae Ship Chart 58 cm height 78 cm width is a product. Specially designed for model lovers, you can do wonders with this product. It is a very elegant product in terms of visuality that mode... 236,00 TRY
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