Ship Models

We present different models and designs of rare models that will be a unique gift for marine enthusiasts and model enthusiasts in the Nautica Goods. From collectors' special model models to hand-crafted ship models that add elegance to their desks and showcases in their home offices, all products are in the category of models in the Nautica Goods. With its design and appearance, decorative ship models, which are exact replicas of their realities, will add elegance to your home, office tables and showcases.

İzdeniz  Ferry Model
İzdeniz Ferry Model Izdeniz Ferry is a model of a cruise ship. This ship model, which has been created in great detail and delicacy, is very suitable for both collectors and people who are starting to make new collections.... 3540,00 TRY
TCG Enez M 262 Mine Hunting Ship Model M 262 is a model of the warship. In this model, which is completely handmade with everything, all kinds of details have been taken into consideration and added. It is a product that should not be missed by people who are interested in such model elements.... 1180,00 TRY
A582 Alemdar Rescue Ship Model Rescue ship A 582 Alemdar, owned by the Turkish Naval Forces Command, is the model of the ship capable of carrying out underwater and water surface rescue operations in all weather conditions.... 1180,00 TRY
TCG İskenderun A 1600 Logistics Ship Model A detailed model of the Turkish Navy Logistics vessel TCG İskenderun A 1600, studied. It is a mock-up of the İskenderun class logistics ship, which is generally used in human transportation tasks, using plastic materials.... 1180,00 TRY
RMK Marine Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship Model The Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship, built by RMK Marine for the Turkish Coast Guard Command, is a scaled down scale model. The collage of ship models and painting is completely original.... 2950,00 TRY
TCG Barbaros F 244 Frigate Model TCG Barbaros F 244 is one of the Barbaros class frigates of the Turkish Navy. The plastic model of the warship equipped with this advanced technology, the pupil of the Turkish Navy, attracts the attention of all model lover.... 1180,00 TRY
Mangusta 108 Motor Yachts Model One of the representatives of the super luxury yachts class, Mangusta 108 motor yacht attracts attention with its stylish and modern design of 33 meters long. This luxury yacht is a meticulously minimized, finely crafted model.... 8850,00 TRY
RRS Discovery Model RRS Discovery is the final representative of the traditional wooden three-masted ship design built for Antarctic research. It is a valuable model of ship made of wood material, which is the product of a detailed study.... 5900,00 TRY
USS Sacramento Model USS Sacramento (AOE-1) is the third ship named for the capital of California in the U.S. Navy. The rapid war support ship was a pioneer in its class. It is a model of this unique ship which was produced by using plastic material by shrinking 700 times.... 11800,00 TRY
Coast Guard Boat Model with Glass Lantern The pride of the Turkish Navy is the model of the Coast Guard Boat that has been studied on a scale of 1/150. The most effective boat model of the Navy Command is ready to take place in your office or at home. It is protected from external factors with its glass fan.... 8850,00 TRY
Smit Rotterdam Tugboat Model Smit Rotterdam is a very realistic ship model with 1/200 scale fine detail made as a 1/200 scale plastic model kit. ... 5900,00 TRY
ŞH Durusu Sea Bus Model It is the model model of the sea bus serving on the Eminönü-Kadıköy line of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, built in Yalova in 2015.... 5900,00 TRY
TCG Takip-1 Y 98 Model TCG Takip 1 ship, which was built in Gölcük shipyard in 1961, which has important duties in Turkish maritime history, is used to perform torpedo tracking, ... 1180,00 TRY
TDİ istimbot Model The model of the steamboats and ship ships that shed light on the history is a product with magnificent beauty. This model, which reflects the history, is the captain for the most beautiful corner of your home.... 3540,00 TRY
Typhoon Racing Boat Model The Typhoon racing boat model is a wooden model of a speed boat built for Edsel Ford from George Crouch's famous design. The Typhoon model is pretty well made.... 11800,00 TRY
UN Istanbul Ro-Ro Model Model of UN Istanbul, the biggest cargo ship of the famous sea logistics company. A model that should be in the collection of freighter models lovers.... 5900,00 TRY
Passenger Paddle Steamer Hale Model The Legendary Steamer of Company Hayriye becomes a paddle. A model of side-wheeled passenger steamer made of wood with completely hand-made workmanship.... 23600,00 TRY
Titanic Model ven the smallest details produced by working for long hours are created with a magnificent light decoration without jumping, a unique product that will be included in your Titanic model ship collection.... 8850,00 TRY
Turkish Warship Model with Lantern Turkish Warship Model with Lantern was produced taking into account small details. It is a unique piece that people who are interested in warship models should not miss.... 2360,00 TRY
Wooden Sailing Ship Model Wooden Sailing Ship Model is an extremely stylish product made of handmade wooden material.... 1180,00 TRY
Battleship Model The Warship Model is a rare navy model that will be a unique gift for sea lovers and model enthusiasts.... 354,00 TRY
Remote Controlled Sailing Boat Sea Lite Sailing Boat, Which Allows Speed Enthusiasts To Enjoy Themselves.... 590,00 TRY
Bodrum Ship Model
Bodrum Ship Model A very elegant Bodrum model ship made of handmade wooden material.... 236,00 TRY
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