Ship Models

We present different models and designs of rare models that will be a unique gift for marine enthusiasts and model enthusiasts in the Nautica Goods. From collectors' special model models to hand-crafted ship models that add elegance to their desks and showcases in their home offices, all products are in the category of models in the Nautica Goods. With its design and appearance, decorative ship models, which are exact replicas of their realities, will add elegance to your home, office tables and showcases.

Gülcemal Ship Model
Gülcemal Ship Model
Gülcemal Ship Model
Gülcemal Ship Model Gülcemal is the model of the most important steam passenger ship from the Ottoman period. Completely handmade, this ship model is a complete collection. The new ship is also very suitable in size.... 17700,00 TRY
Bug/ Sürat Ship Model Bug / Speedboat is a model of the ship which has an important place in history. Bug / Speed, which is the first steam ship of Ottoman Empire, is 73 cm long. There is an undeniable size of manual labor... 8850,00 TRY
Savarona Yacht Model Handmade Savarona Yacht Model is specially designed for collectors and home decorators. Use white, red and yellow colors to make room for your life.... 17700,00 TRY
Black Sea Swap Model With Fanus Black Sea Swap Model Made Entirely Of Handcrafted Natural Wood Material.... 226,56 TRY
Wooden Handmade Tanker Model If you like ships and tanker models, Wooden Handmade Tanker has impressive hand workmanship. A lot of effort has been given to each stage of this tanker made by carving technique. It is suitable for ... 354,00 TRY
Abeille Bourbon Emergency Towing Ship Model
Abeille Bourbon Emergency Towing Ship Model
Abeille Bourbon Emergency Towing Ship Model
Abeille Bourbon Emergency Towing Ship Model Abeille Bourbon is a scaled-down model of the 80-meter-long towing vessel designed by Norwegian naval architect Sigmund Borgundvåg.... 5900,00 TRY
Acar Engine Model A model of the historical 'Acar' engine built in Germany and used by Atatürk and renewed by the Istanbul Shipyard Command.... 8850,00 TRY
Alfa Nero Yacht Model Afa Nero is a detailed model of the 82-meter-long super luxury private motor yacht built in 2007, with all the details processed.... 8850,00 TRY
Anteo Tugboat Wooden Ship Model The model of the legendary Anteo Tugboat ship, made with great work in the Italian Navy, made with all details of wood.... 4130,00 TRY
Chris Craft Boat Model Chris-Craft is a Florida-based American recreational craft manufacturer. Chris Craft's are a detailed model of a high magnificent yacht ship designed to be enjoyed.... 4720,00 TRY
Çanakkale Ferry Model “Çanakkale Model”, which is a unique design that can be favorite of model lovers, is a product that should be in your collection.... 11800,00 TRY
Çektirme Bartın Ship Model Bartın ship mock-up model of the one-mast merchant ship built in the workshop for the survival of the past legacy of the city where galleys and galleons were produced for the Ottoman navy in the past.... 2360,00 TRY
Elizabeth Ship Model British ship, the pioneer of Queen Elizabeth class Dretnot warships. It takes its name from Elizabeth I. It is an excellent market where you will admire fine details. The most important details you can think of have been studied very precisely.... 2124,00 TRY
Ertugrul Frigate Model Ertuğrul, built during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz and launched on Monday, October 19, 1863, before the Sultan, is made of high quality materials, although it is made using quality materials called "Ertuğrul".... 11800,00 TRY
Ertuğrul Yacht Model Ertuğrul Yacht, which is 79.2 meters in length and 8.3 meters in width and has two 3-cylinder steam machines with a total capacity of 2,500 horsepower, is a rare market that we can call and touch fine.... 14160,00 TRY
Explorer Seas Cruise Ship Model Explorer of the Seas is a Voyager-class cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International, completed in 2000. This model, which is the model of the famous Explorer of the Seas cruise ship, is an extremely impressive decoration product made of plastic and metal.... 3540,00 TRY
Pacific Princess Cruise Ship Model "Pacific Princess Passenger Ship", a unique design that can be the favorite of model lovers, is a detailed studied model.... 17700,00 TRY
Gunther Brien Ship Model Gunther Prien U-47 renowned model of the German submarine with a detailed study.... 2360,00 TRY
Kartal Car Ferry Model The model of Eagle Steamer in a special glass stand that is exactly the same with its 1/85 scale original. A piece that will be a unique gift for sea lovers and model enthusiasts.... 11800,00 TRY
Norway Cruise Ship Model Norway ıs a model of ships made ın metal, using unique wood material at the oslo ferry base. This new model nas an ımpressive design with Its ımposing appearance.... 8850,00 TRY
United States Ship Model A unique design that can be favorite with model lovers, United States model is one of the rare products that should be in your collection.... 11800,00 TRY
Piri Reis Ship Model This is a detailed model of the ship of Piri Reis University, which has been included in the body to contribute to maritime education and which has the same name as the university. It is a great product that will attract the attention of model lovers and collectors.... 1180,00 TRY
Kanlıca Steamship Model Standing out among the metal handmade models, Kanlıca Ferry has a remarkable design. The model, which has the finest details, can be a wonderful decoration object for your home.... 8850,00 TRY
İzdeniz Ferry Model Izdeniz Ferry is a model of a cruise ship. This ship model, which has been created in great detail and delicacy, is very suitable for both collectors and people who are starting to make new collections.... 3540,00 TRY
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