Ship Models

We present different models and designs of rare models that will be a unique gift for marine enthusiasts and model enthusiasts in the Nautica Goods. From collectors' special model models to hand-crafted ship models that add elegance to their desks and showcases in their home offices, all products are in the category of models in the Nautica Goods. With its design and appearance, decorative ship models, which are exact replicas of their realities, will add elegance to your home, office tables and showcases.

Flying Lady Fishing Ship
Flying Lady Fishing ShipWooden fishing ship model for those who are looking for different designs from rare models. This model is completely handmade and has a width of 23.5 cm and a height of 14.5 cm.... 118,00 TRY
Nostalgic Metal Ship ModelWhether you add it to your collection or reflect your style and your free spirit in your spaces. It is a rare product that you can give to your loved ones. Product dimensions are 21 cm wide and 17 cm long....118,00 TRY
Wooden BoatModel of fishing boat with very stylish and simple design made of handmade wooden material. It measures 27.5 cm and measures 12 cm in length....236,00 TRY
Passenger Ship ModelA model of passenger ship made by attaching ready-made wooden materials to each other. It is 30 cm wide and 12 cm tall....118,00 TRY
Helicopter Ship ModelModel of helicopter warship made by attaching ready-made wooden materials to each other. It is 34 cm wide and 15 cm long....118,00 TRY
Yacht Ship ModelYacht ship model made by attaching ready-made wooden materials to each other. It is 20 cm wide and 12 cm long....34,22 TRY
Battleship ModelModel of warship made by attaching ready-made wooden materials to each other. It is 42 cm wide and 16 cm long....118,00 TRY
Dragon Boat ModelDragon boat model with dragon made by attaching ready-made wooden materials to each other. It is 34 cm wide and 21.5 cm tall....88,50 TRY
Vintage Tin Ship ModelA rare tin handmade ship model that will be a unique gift for sea lovers and model enthusiasts. This model with 32 cm width and 14 cm paint will be a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones....2360,00 TRY
Ankara Ferry ModelA unique design that can be the favorite of model lovers, Ankara Ferry Model is a must-have product in your collection....826,00 TRY
Meko ClassMeko Class boats are very stylish products. It is a product that you can use easily as decorative....118,00 TRY
Milgem ClassMade of Milgem Class six metal on wood, this unique model of the ship is a very stylish design....118,00 TRY
Preveze / Gür ClassPreveze / Gur Class is a very elegant submarine model. This product, which is black and metal, has a wooden...70,80 TRY
Preveze / Gür Class SubmarineIt is a very elegant product in terms of visuality that model lovers and collectors should definitely be in the collection. 6.5 cm, handmade specially produced for you Preveze / Gur Class Submarine mo...53,10 TRY
Meko Class
Meko ClassMeko Class is a model of a battleship. This model is completely handmade with everything and every detail has been taken into consideration and added. This model is a unique piece that should not be m...53,10 TRY
Gabya Class
Gabya ClassThis model of the ship, which was prepared with a special handwork of Gabya Class, belongs to a special warship. This new product has a length of 7 cm and a width of 20.5 cm. It is a magnificent decor...53,10 TRY
With Plastic Frame
With Plastic Frame
With Plastic FrameIskampavia Model is a model of a private ship. Even the model of this ship, which is a motorized lifeboat carrying personnel during wartime, is quite magnificent. It is a unique model design in which ...1180,00 TRY
Contact Nusret directlyNusret Mine is a mine figure prepared as a souvenir from the famous Nusret Mine Ship. This model, which resembles a real mine with its appearance, is a product of 20 cm length and 11 cm width. It is a...177,00 TRY
Milgem Class
Milgem ClassThe product, which is among the models of Milgem Class battleship, is 7 * 20.5 cm in size. The product, which is used only in handmade, is a very elegant and special product. It is a model that every ...53,10 TRY
Contact Nusret directly
Contact Nusret directlyNusret Mine is one of the important elements of the Nusret Mine Ship models are produced as a souvenir. This product, which resembles a real mine with every detail, is extremely impressive. 11 * 5 cm ...53,10 TRY
Milgem Model
Milgem ModelThe model of the Milgem Model battleship is completely handmade. This model, which is the product of important labor, has surprisingly fine details. Size 15 * 6 cm This model is both a very stylish de...53,10 TRY
SavaronaHandmade Savarona Yacht Model is specially designed for collectors and home decorators. Use white, red and yellow colors to make room for your life....4720,00 TRY
Bug/ SüratBug / Speedboat is a model of the ship which has an important place in history. Bug / Speed, which is the first steam ship of Ottoman Empire, is 73 cm long. There is an undeniable size of manual labor...8850,00 TRY
GülcemalGülcemal is the model of the most important steam passenger ship from the Ottoman period. Completely handmade, this ship model is a complete collection. The new ship is also very suitable in size....16520,00 TRY
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