Office Souvenirs

The most elegant office gifts to be received as business gifts are waiting for you in Nautica Goods. Rare models, exclusive series for collectors for those looking for different design office gifts, are exactly what you're looking for.

Wind Ships
Wind ShipsWind Ships are objects that are connected to a special system and move. These ships, which move when you turn the crown on the side, are especially liked by children....118,00 TRY
Metal Steamer Piggy Bank and NotebookIf you are looking for a nautical and ship-themed metal piggy bank, the Metal Steamer Piggy Bank and Notebook offers you both a piggy bank as you wish and an additional notebook in highly harmonious c...59,00 TRY
Sailing VaseSailing vessel vase is a product with ceramic structure and embossed patterns. You can use this decorative piece to decorate your living room, or you can use it to give your business a stylish atmosph...1770,00 TRY
Triple Lighthouse Table OrnamentIf you like different candle holders in your home, Lighthouses Ceramic is one of the most different candle holder designs you can find. There are 2 sets of candle holders, one small and one large. Des...118,00 TRY
Three Chimney AshtraysChimney Ashtrays where the logo of Turkey's maritime business on ceramic products and GM is a sweet set of 2 pieces ashtray and a pencil in the form of a chimney. Products suitable for daily use are o...236,00 TRY
Steamer AshtrayThis ashtray in the shape of a steamer will change the air in your home. When you look at the steamer ashtray, it can remind you of the sea, the holiday, and this allows you to open up, deep, comforta...118,00 TRY
Noah's ArkNoah's Ark is a fun and educational product that you can use as a decorative product in your child's room. This wooden product with various animals is like a puzzle. Size is 70 * 40 cm....59,00 TRY
Three SeashellsSeashells have a very original look with sea shells and crabs added on the ceramic surface. Size is 7 * 5 cm. It is a small but impressive product....70,80 TRY
Paper Weight OrnamentsPaper Weight Ornaments, as the name implies, are products used to prevent paper from flying. Designed for this purpose in a very original way, these products also include figures such as ships and sai...177,00 TRY
Triple Chair and Fishing SetOur country seafarers working in the maritime sector are described separately with triple chairs and fishing set trinket enthusiasts with a structure that appeals to showcase, home and office decorati...295,00 TRY
Glass WhaleCreated using glass techniques, the Glass Whale will become one of your home's favorite accessories. The glass blue decorative accessory has a unique look reminiscent of the sea. It is a small but imp...59,00 TRY
Sailing Ashtray Cute and tiny sailboat ashtray is a great and useful choice to decorate your living room wall portrait. With the cover on it, you can save the smell of ash from spreading around after use. In this wa...59,00 TRY
Steamboat ClockThis black-and-white steamboat clock is a beautiful cross-section of the old Bosphorus and consists of a decorative, remarkable and pleasant view that suits your living room or kitchen....59,00 TRY
Calligraphy Sailing PaintingCalligraphy Sailing Table is a very elegant product with a sailboat appearance created with unique calligraphy script. Table is a product with wooden frame made on ceramic background. Ideal size of 55...1180,00 TRY
Sailboat Rotating Music GlobeOur maritime, music and snow globe lovers will be extremely happy with our sailing revolving music globe product is a decoration option for you....472,00 TRY
Istanbul Ferry PictureIstanbul Steamboat Table is prepared by using pastel paints to create a different harmony on your wall. The 32 * 42 cm table shows the Istanbul ferries, as the name suggests....590,00 TRY
TableIf you like Handmade Oil Paintings, this product is a carefully prepared table of 75 * 50 dimensions. The painting depicting a magnificent ship will create a beautiful ambience on the wall of your hom...1770,00 TRY
Sailboat Old Style BottleYou will want to put our sailing old-style bottle product in the sweetest corner of your house with its heart-warming design and reminiscent of pirate movies you watched when you were little or a pira...354,00 TRY
Istanbul Sailing Watercolor PaintingIstanbul Sailing Watercolor Painting is a magnificent handmade work with wooden frame. This second hand painting is 50 * 40 cm in size and authentic. It is a unique work on your wall where you can get...590,00 TRY
Sailboat PulleyWith the metal parts used in its construction, our sailboat pulley product, which is bright and beautiful enough to resemble a real sailboat, is a decoration wonder that will give your house a rustic ...177,00 TRY
Nine Sailboat FastenerNine Sailboat Fastener consists of 9 unique fasteners with different sailboat models. These products, each of which is special, are both sweet and can be attached to desired fabrics....118,00 TRY
Colorful Sailboat Paper ClipsColorful Sailboat Paperclip is a product that impresses with its different design and colors. It is an extremely impressive design for your loved ones. With sailboat-shaped products you can create a p...23,60 TRY
Sailing VaseMade of porcelain material, Sailboat Vase will love the ones who want to reflect different tastes at home or work; It is a product with modern lines that will be admired by everyone far from ordinary....1770,00 TRY
Pirate LampIf you want a decorative lamp with a different and pleasant design in your room, Pirate Lamp is for you. The design created with the pirate figure can easily be preferred as a table lamp....147,50 TRY
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