Office Souvenirs

The most elegant office gifts to be received as business gifts are waiting for you in Nautica Goods. Rare models, exclusive series for collectors for those looking for different design office gifts, are exactly what you're looking for.

Comarit Picture
Comarit PictureComarit Table with Comarit Ship is a product that will be appreciated by the collectors in this field. The frame is 83 * 63 cm in size and the overall condition is good, although it is second hand....236,00 TRY
Fish Four Candle HolderFish Candle Holders is a pretty sweet design created by bringing 4 cute fish side by side. These ceramic candle holders are ideal for both you and your loved ones....35,40 TRY
Diver Head 2 Piece Ornament
Diver Head 2 Piece Ornament
Diver Head 2 Piece Ornament
Diver Head 2 Piece Ornament
Diver Head 2 Piece OrnamentDiver Head 2 Piece Ornamental table tops are the decoration products. These objects, which contain all the details of a real diver's title, are remarkable products....118,00 TRY
Anchor ShelfAnchor Shelf is a different design that you can easily use as a decorative shelf in your home. It is a different and functional shelf product that can be used in harmony especially in children's rooms...177,00 TRY
Costa Chimney Holder Costa Baca Penlik is a beautiful product that fills the eye with its color and design that can be used easily on the table. With the original porcelain penholder, you can collect the clutter on your ...177,00 TRY
Parchment TablesParchment Tables with wooden frame are 2 pieces and both have special design from each other. This decoration product that you can use as a team on your wall will give you a very stylish appearance....885,00 TRY
Glass Boat Ashtray
Glass Boat AshtrayGlass Boat Ashtray is a product that you can use as decoration product in your home or you can use it as an ashtray in your home. This stylish ashtray prepared in boat design has been combined with th...118,00 TRY
Three Fish Cookies
Three Fish CookiesIf you love to have marine themed products in your kitchen, you should not miss the Fish Cookie Ceramic. You can make perfect presentations with this snack which is the combination of perfect harmony ...88,50 TRY
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique Penholder
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique PenholderIf you want a different and unique penholder we suggest Turkey Maritime Organization Inc. It is a vintage pen holder. You can love this design which is a very unique product....41,30 TRY
Stone Sailboat
Stone SailboatYou can easily find the traces of difference and aesthetics Stone Sailboat is a very unusual product. It is a special piece that should be included in your collection with its unique quality and untou...177,00 TRY
Anchor Patterned Night Light LambAnchor Patterned Night Light is a product not to be missed for lovers of different and special design night light. It has a beautiful appearance with anchor pattern and bird designs on it. The black a...236,00 TRY
Cesme TrinketÇeşme Trinket which is produced by using ceramic material is a product that you can use as decorative. It is a real fountain with both its tap and its view. 11 * 7 cm size product can be used anywhere...88,50 TRY
Chinese Style Ship OrnamentChinese Style Ship Ornament is a beautiful ornament that looks like Far East ships in appearance. It has an eye-catching design with the details and Chinese letters on it. It is an effective ornament ...472,00 TRY
Sea Turtle Weight ObjectThe Sea Turtle Weight Object, which is quite original as a weight object, is particularly fascinating with its color. This tortoise-shaped weight is also a unique product with its glass appearance....118,00 TRY
East Asian Ship-like HouseEast Asian Ship-like Home is a home object that can be easily used as decoration product in the areas you want. This product, which resembles East Asian ships in appearance, has an authentic atmospher...177,00 TRY
Captain Bottle HolderCaptain has a great design for trinket lovers. It is 29 cm long and 16 cm wide and looks as if it is lying on its side. It is also a very cute and cute trinket. It is a trinket that you can use easily...118,00 TRY
Cat and Bear OrnamentThe two lovely animal figurines on two boats, the Cat and the Bear Ornament, are very cute products. They are very nice accessories that you can easily use in your TV unit or in your library. It is al...177,00 TRY
Porthole AllahThe Lumboz Allah product, which has Allah written on it and has a very naive elegant design, is quite impressive. 60 cm in diameter, this product is a special product that will add difference to your ...2360,00 TRY
Pirate WatchesPirate Watches, 18 cm in length and 10 cm in width, are very cute decorative accessories. These trinket watches can be used in any part of the house....47,20 TRY
Porthole MohammedPorthole Hz. Mohammed with the Arabic alphabet. It is a special design with the name of Muhammad. It is a unique product that can be easily used as decorative product in living spaces. It has special ...2360,00 TRY
Princess Danae Ship ChartPrincess Danae Ship Chart 58 cm height 78 cm width is a product. Specially designed for model lovers, you can do wonders with this product. It is a very elegant product in terms of visuality that mode...236,00 TRY
Pirate Ornamental CupsPirate Ornament Cups will make you feel like you are in a pirate movie. These insulated glasses have unique embroidery and figures on them. It is also possible to use easily if you want....472,00 TRY
Wind ShipsWind Ships are objects that are connected to a special system and move. These ships, which move when you turn the crown on the side, are especially liked by children....118,00 TRY
Metal Steamer Piggy Bank and NotebookIf you are looking for a nautical and ship-themed metal piggy bank, the Metal Steamer Piggy Bank and Notebook offers you both a piggy bank as you wish and an additional notebook in highly harmonious c...59,00 TRY
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