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Real and all handmade products can be found in the handmade products category. You can examine all kinds of maritime handmade products from the handmade products section in Nautica Goods.

Korsholm III
Korsholm IIIIf you like wooden ship models, you should see Korsholm III. This handmade ship model is completely wooden. There are also remarkable fine details on it....2500,00 TRY
Ottoman BoatOttoman Sandal is a very cute sandal model made of ceramic materials. This new product is very impressive. As a design and the harmony of colors used is an extremely impressive trinket....147,50 TRY
Queen Mary 2130 cm wide, 65 cm long and 45 cm wide, this product is a handmade wooden product. Quenn Mary 2 is a great product for model lovers and collectors. It is a rare piece because it is handmade and produc...1180,00 TRY
Sapphire PrincessSapphire Princess model, which is handmade by using wooden materials, is designed for everyone who loves models. In particular, it is a special product that collectors or those who want to be collecto...1180,00 TRY
SarızeybekSarızeybek model, which is produced by using wooden materials, is designed to be of interest to everyone who likes a model. It is one of the unique pieces that especially collectors will love....3540,00 TRY
Stella OceanisStella Oceanis will be the star of your minimized scale model collection of the cruise ship. Would you like to make a corner in your home and win the admiration of those who see Stella Oceanis, the pa...3540,00 TRY
Sailboat Tapestry NecklaceThe sailboat tapestry necklace will make you experience nostalgia with the appearance of the fabric we used to make our product, and with the appearance of the handmade canvases made by our grandmothe...177,00 TRY
Taras ShevchenkoCustom handmade Taras Shevchenko model of the ship will attract model lovers and collectors. You will love this product which is made by using quality material. With Taras Shevchenko ship model, you w...23600,00 TRY
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