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Real and all handmade products can be found in the handmade products category. You can examine all kinds of maritime handmade products from the handmade products section in Nautica Goods.

Knit Boat Model
Knit Boat ModelA Fully Handmade Ship Model Knitted With Amigurumi Art....177,00 TRY
Wood Dolphin
Wood DolphinIf you want to give a different gift to your loved ones or if you want to get a nice look at your home in your home, Wooden Dolphin is a very accurate choice. Specially made of wood and completely han...826,00 TRY
Wooden Handmade Tanker
Wooden Handmade TankerIf you like ships and tanker models, Wooden Handmade Tanker has impressive hand workmanship. A lot of effort has been given to each stage of this tanker made by carving technique. It is suitable for ...354,00 TRY
Navy Pencil with Navy
Navy Pencil with Navy
Navy Pencil with NavyHandmade ballpoint pen with a vignette....29,50 TRY
Fish Figured Wall OrnamentWall Ornament With Colorful Fish Made Using Handmade Beads And Fabric....59,00 TRY
Knit Boat ModelA Fully Handmade Boat Model Knitted With Amigurumi Art....177,00 TRY
Weave Titanic Ship ModelTitanic Ship Model Knitted With The Art Of Amigurumi....500,00 TRY
SavaronaHandmade Savarona Yacht Model is specially designed for collectors and home decorators. Use white, red and yellow colors to make room for your life....4720,00 TRY
Ceramic SailboatCeramic sailboats, as well as dessert, these sailboats that have lived on it, will add a very nice atmosphere to your home for decor purposes. All sailboats are handmade and prepared with fine workman...177,00 TRY
Coast Guard 65The Coast Guard 65 model, which is handmade by using wood and metal materials, is designed to be of interest to anyone who loves a model. In particular, it is a special product that collectors or thos...354,00 TRY
Sail Carved Backgammon Set
Sail Carved Backgammon Set
Sail Carved Backgammon Set
Sail Carved Backgammon SetMade of wood carving and handmade, made of mother of pearl sail carved backgammon set, our product has a look that will create antique atmosphere. It takes up 50 cm by 50 cm....1770,00 TRY
Parchment TablesParchment Tables with wooden frame are 2 pieces and both have special design from each other. This decoration product that you can use as a team on your wall will give you a very stylish appearance....885,00 TRY
Bulk Needle Ship
Bulk Needle ShipOur handmade painting made with pin is very interesting because of its colors and construction method. This extraordinary product, which is not unusual, will add a very different atmosphere to your ho...177,00 TRY
BalatThe Balat model of the gigantic ship, which takes its name from the historical district of Istanbul, Balat, is a work of great craftsmanship. This model made of wood is an excellent work. It is a spec...5310,00 TRY
Sailboat Made of Pebble StoneThe sailboat is a magnificent painting created using a special technique. It was formed by bonding pebble stones. 30 * 45 cm size table stands out with its different style....767,00 TRY
Stone SailboatYou can easily find the traces of difference and aesthetics Stone Sailboat is a very unusual product. It is a special piece that should be included in your collection with its unique quality and untou...177,00 TRY
Sailboat HandmadeWe have presented our sailboat tapestry wall portrait which we have produced as paint and width 70 cm to the lovers of ships to decorate your hall. Our product, which is hand-crafted by our highly ski...2950,00 TRY
Sailing Candle HolderYou can use our sailing candle holder decor which brings together rustic furnished houses and sailboats lovers at the same point to decorate any corner of your house....118,00 TRY
Sailboat Ornament Table The edges of our product, which is a sailboat ornament wall portrait, will transform the room where you hang the wall, which resembles a soap color and resembles the golden color, to a rustic atmosph...88,50 TRY
Ceramic Fish Sail PlateHandmade, produced by blending aesthetics and special touches, the Ceramic Fish Sailing Table will add a special atmosphere to your home. The fact that it is handmade and produced with your taste in m...885,00 TRY
Bandirma FerryBandırma Ferry is a handmade wooden model with matching colors. It is a special design in which all the fine details of a ferry are handled uniquely. It is a very valuable model that has spent a lot o...1180,00 TRY
Costa CruiseStanding out among metal handmade models, the Costa Cruise has a striking design. The model ship with remarkable details can be preferred both as a gift and as a decoration product for your own home....472,00 TRY
EyupThis product, which is a completely hand-made model of the ship named Eyüp, is a product that should not be missed by those who love ship model. This wooden model has very impressive hand workmanship....5310,00 TRY
Fine Detailed RotterdamFine Detailed Rotterdam is a unique model of a very special finely crafted ship. The fine details used in the design have an amazing effect. The model of wood is an excellent collection product....2360,00 TRY
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