Functional Products

Functional products, as well as stylish and beautiful designs on the Nautica Goods functional products section, are waiting for you. We recommend you to take a quick look at the functional products section, where maritime lovers cannot remain indifferent.

Sailboat Pulley
Sailboat PulleyWith the metal parts used in its construction, our sailboat pulley product, which is bright and beautiful enough to resemble a real sailboat, is a decoration wonder that will give your house a rustic ...177,00 TRY
Antique Gas Ship LighterThe vintage gas ship lighter, whose maker and date of production is unknown, is made of metal, nickel-plated on the top and painted on the bottom to match the original shape of a ship, a beautiful, va...590,00 TRY
Anchor LighterAnchor Lighter, which you can buy as a gift, is a product that can be preferred by the collectors in this area. It has an impressive appearance with its anchor pattern and color....59,00 TRY
Antique Cunard Phone CaseThe vintage Cunard phone case is a very stylish product that is highly referenced to the Cunard maritime company, which has a high brand value and also has several ships including Queen Elisabeth and ...118,00 TRY
Nine Sailboat FastenerNine Sailboat Fastener consists of 9 unique fasteners with different sailboat models. These products, each of which is special, are both sweet and can be attached to desired fabrics....118,00 TRY
Skull Watch RingSkull Watch Ring is a unique gift option. This product has a very different and special design....118,00 TRY
Kusadasi Hand MirrorKuşadası Hand Mirror is a classic hand mirror with a unique view of Kuşadası. This mirror with a diameter of 5 cm is a product that you can easily carry with you. It is also an accessory that you can ...35,40 TRY
Kusadasi Needle Finger ProtectorKuşadası Needle Finger Protector, which is a very traditional product is a very original version of the finger protector. This product has a great fine workmanship and the picturesque view of Kuşadası...59,00 TRY
Colorful Sailboat RingProduced using stylish lines in color, this product is designed with your taste and taste in mind is quite stylish and different. You can make a difference with colorful sailboat ring to yourself and ...23,60 TRY
Sandal CollarSandal Collar Pin is a highly aesthetic product that will be loved by the lovers of collar, who are integrated with the difference and dazzling in every environment. This product with sandal figure ca...35,40 TRY
Antique SS Rotterdam Souvenir TeaspoonThis Dutch concept vintage SS Rotter, which can decorate your saloon showcases, is a rare piece of souvenir teaspoons that you can't take out from your souvenir box. It is a good gift option especiall...295,00 TRY
Antique Stella Solaris Lid OpenerThe Vintage Stella Solaris Lid Opener will open in a different design and color from the back and front sides. You will notice how eye-pleasing the two aspects of it are....118,00 TRY
Titanic LighterTitanic lighters are presented to you as special series production. You can carry the Titanic film, which everyone is passionate for years, with this special series product, you can always feel love a...59,00 TRY
Steamboat CollarThis small or small sweet steamer collar is a very nice souvenir. This collar can be an unforgettable gift for your friends who love the sea, ships very much. You can also decorate your bags with this...59,00 TRY
Sailboat Mint Box Our product is not made of wood, it is made of real wood material. You can use our sailing mint box product which is made of tin material to store your favorite mint gum or any candies in your bag an...59,00 TRY
Sailboat Stone CollarCollar lovers, those who integrate with a difference, dazzling in every environment will love the sailboat stony collar is a very aesthetic product. This product with a sailboat figure can easily be c...59,00 TRY
Pirate LampIf you want a decorative lamp with a different and pleasant design in your room, Pirate Lamp is for you. The design created with the pirate figure can easily be preferred as a table lamp....147,50 TRY
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