Functional Products

Functional products, as well as stylish and beautiful designs on the Nautica Goods functional products section, are waiting for you. We recommend you to take a quick look at the functional products section, where maritime lovers cannot remain indifferent.

Seaman Student Sitting On Sofa
Seaman Student Sitting On SofaPiggy Bank Sailor Student has perhaps the cutest piggy bank design you can see. Piggy bank with a young girl sailor is suitable for use on the table. It is a perfect design in which every detail is th...59,00 TRY
Captain who rules the worldThe captain who manages the world is a decoration product specially prepared for table top. The trinket with a captain figure smoking a pipe also has important elements such as the world globe....41,30 TRY
Sailor Lock
Sailor Lock
Sailor Lock Sailor Lock is a padlock that you may need in different areas of use. It has a design that you may not have seen before. This flat lock is also available in the collection....64,90 TRY
Crazy Captain Salt and Pepper ShakersFor those who love different and sweet salt shakers on your tables, Crazy Captain Salt Shaker has a cute look. It is a very cute design that can also be used as a decorative product in the kitchen. Ma...41,30 TRY
Fish Salt Shaker
Fish Salt ShakerProduced using high quality ceramic material, Fish Salt Shaker has a design that you will not want to miss from your table. It is a very elegant product with different shades of white and blue. It is ...41,30 TRY
One Eyed Pirate Crew
One Eyed Pirate CrewThe one-eyed Pirate Crew Trinket that you can use on the table or on your shelves is an aesthetic and a different product. This product will be loved by everyone who is interested in different product...41,30 TRY
Pirate Captain in Yellow JacketYou can use on the table or on the shelves yellow figurine figurine trinket with raincoat is an aesthetic and different product. This product will be loved by everyone who is interested in different p...41,30 TRY
Pipe Pirate 2Pirate 2 with pipe is a nice figurine of a captain with a pipe in his mouth. This product, which is 21 * 10 cm in size, is a stylish piece that you can easily use as decoration product in every area....41,30 TRY
Pirate with PipeIf you want an effective trinket to be used on the table, Pipe Pirate is a product you can obtain. This figurine with the figure of a captain with a pipe in his hand will be effective in creating a be...41,30 TRY
Pipe FishermanPipe fisherman's figurine 16 * 8 cm in size is a unique design suitable for use on the table. You can complete your decoration with these trinkets which have a very nice look on the table....41,30 TRY
Pirate CrewPirate Crew is a sweet table figurine for those who want the crew as trinket rather than captain. Although he is a pirate, he is a very sweet crew. It is 21 * 10 cm in size and can be used both on the...41,30 TRY
Pirate Captain 1Pirate Captain 1 is a product similar to classic sailor figurines. It is a cute and sweet accessory that you can easily use on the table or in any part of your home. It has dimensions of 16 * 8 cm....41,30 TRY
Rope CaptainThe rope captain is a pretty trinket for people who love decorative objects on the table. This figurine with an old captain is a 15 * 7 cm product. It is a very stylish object on the table....41,30 TRY
Fisherman Repairing Net Ağ Ören Balıkçı figure that you can easily use as decoration product and piggy bank on the table is very special. It is a cute accessory that suits your desk or TV unit....41,30 TRY
Titanic Wooden Coffee TableTitanic coffee table made of oil paint on pine tree body brings ocean coolness to your home. For a wonderful stroll in the heart of the ocean or just for this unique view, you can explore our product....413,00 TRY
New Jersey Ornamental BellNew Jersey Ornament Bell is a real ship bell with a length of 10.5 cm. It is a very popular product among the materials used in ships. This bell, which is in a new condition, is also preferred as deco...59,00 TRY
Rudder LightersRudder Lighter is a very nice product especially for people interested in different lighters. 7 * 5 cm in size, there is a rudder figure on the lighter and it is processed in an incredibly impressive ...118,00 TRY
Elephant Female Perfume BottleElephant Female Perfume Bottle If you love authentic products, we offer you a very different and original product option. It is a very original option that you can give to your loved ones especially a...236,00 TRY
Pirate Ornamental CupsPirate Ornament Cups will make you feel like you are in a pirate movie. These insulated glasses have unique embroidery and figures on them. It is also possible to use easily if you want....472,00 TRY
Wind ShipsWind Ships are objects that are connected to a special system and move. These ships, which move when you turn the crown on the side, are especially liked by children....118,00 TRY
Metal Steamer Piggy Bank and NotebookIf you are looking for a nautical and ship-themed metal piggy bank, the Metal Steamer Piggy Bank and Notebook offers you both a piggy bank as you wish and an additional notebook in highly harmonious c...59,00 TRY
Three Chimney AshtraysChimney Ashtrays where the logo of Turkey's maritime business on ceramic products and GM is a sweet set of 2 pieces ashtray and a pencil in the form of a chimney. Products suitable for daily use are o...236,00 TRY
Car Decoration with MSC LogoIf you like cute plush products with logo in your car, Car Decor with MSC Logo is a very cute option. White and dark blue colors, this cute car ornament is a product you will love. This 20 * 20 size p...35,40 TRY
Steamer AshtrayThis ashtray in the shape of a steamer will change the air in your home. When you look at the steamer ashtray, it can remind you of the sea, the holiday, and this allows you to open up, deep, comforta...118,00 TRY
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