Ufresh's Birthplace

Nazilli, Aydin, Turkey

Think of an Earth ... This is such a fertile soil that allows harvesting 3 seasons a year as nature's gift. That land lives in Nazilli.

It is no coincidence that Ufresh was born in Nazilli. Various methods were tried to preserve all the beautiful and valuable fruits and vegetables grown in Nazilli Lands. Different methods are still being used in this region.

Someone had to do something to protect and preserve all the values ​​that this precious earth offers to humanity and to have these beauties in every season.

Ugur Integrated Food Limited Company is a representative of the Ugur Group of Companies, which has managed to create leading and strong brands in the sectors it has invested in since 1954, and operates with the Ufresh Brand. It was established in the district of Nazilli in 2011 and has a total area of ​​18000 m², 7,500 m² of which is closed. Our company, which can continuously renew its production facilities and technology following the capacity increase, continues its naturally dried fig processing activities.

With the support of Ugur Cooling, one of our group companies, over 65 years of experience in safe food storage, our Ufresh brand offers natural dried fig products to consumers safely.

Ufresh, aiming to meet all the needs of our customers on a single site, continues to expand its product range with new products added to its product group. It is possible to find the freshest versions of olive oil and apricot varieties, which are carefully prepared by collecting the best quality olives of the Aegean region, especially the most delicious and high-quality fig products of our country, and in our virtual store in the sizes you want.

Ufresh, who has always attached importance to naturalness and freshness since the day it was founded, wishes you, our valued customers, "Discover the Taste of the Moment" to your tables with healthy products and consume safely with your family and loved ones on good days.

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