Yacht Haven Grande

Yacht Haven Grande

It is a marina located on the island of Saint Thomas, one of the island communities in Virginia Island of America. It is one of the favorite marinas of the Caribbean region. The region draws attention due to its natural beauties. Besides, the fact that the marina has a developed feature increases its importance for tourism. Yacht Haven Grande marina contains many structures. This is important for those who use the marina. The security level of the marina is high. Every other day, the security service is provided tightly. There are many restaurants and hotels around the marina. Hotels serve at a high level of occupancy at all times of the year. It is seen that the harbor is home to many ships. The capacity of the port is capable of hosting 47 large yachts. 47 mega yachts can easily anchor in the port. It is seen that the size of these yachts reaches up to 200 meters. The marina allows large yachts to comfortably accommodate. The marina is an important structure for sports fishers. It is a port that mega yachts frequently visit at almost any time of the year. There are entertainment venues and bars around the marina. Outdoor sports are also performed intensely on the island. Diving activities, offshore fishing, and snorkeling are some of the important activities.

Yacht Haven Grande Marina

Located in the Caribbean Sea, the marina is the favorite of tourists every time of the year. The structures and services in the port are as follows:

• Swimming pool,

• Wi-Fi,

• 24/7 security service and camera,

• Restaurants,

• Bars,

• Malls,

• Laundry,

• There are many structures like fuel docks and similar.

Entertainment venues and restaurants around the harbor are crowded at all times of the year. The marina is central for mega yachts in the Caribbean Sea.

The marina must be sheltered as the area is likely to be exposed to storms and strong waves at certain times. Yacht Haven Grande harbor is protected against such natural disasters. Caribbean Island attracts the attention of tourists with its unique beaches. The fact that the tourists coming to the region use the structures in the marina makes an economic contribution to the region. Tourism revenues in the region are at a high level.