What is maritime ?

What is maritime ?

How would you respond if you were handed a microphone and asked ‘What is maritime?’. Of course, maritime is a very broad concept and there are different answers that everyone can give according to himself. According to one, maritime can be opened by sea and go to vast horizons. The point that I want to emphasize in this article is that maritime plays more roles in our lives with the modern age. Shipping is to live and live the values that the sea adds to our world. What are these? In order; marine transportation, sea sports, conscious use of seafood, marine education, love of the sea, ship management and maritime trade. Yes, I already hear: You exaggerated. No, I didn't exaggerate! I just wanted to take the term maritime off the cliché and say that maritime doesn't belong only to people using watercraft. Now let's open these titles one by one.

When we say maritime transport, everyone can only think of the ferries in Istanbul. However, nowadays, we know that maritime transportation is not only about ferries. Sea transportation is at every point of our lives with the technology of our time. Those who want to go on holiday can make weekly programs with cruise ships. This trip model has reached such a point that there is a billion dollar trade volume in the world. Sea transportation is used in dams and lakes in our country and in the world. In the past, we can reach the ferries by road. For example, Bodrum-Datça, Pendik-Yalova and Yenikapı-Yalova. Shortly before that, we could go to Çeşme by ferry. In short, if we want to shoot many birds with one stone, we can reach the destination and rest while making sea transportation. In addition, we are able to rest our souls while we go at sea and move away from the monotony of the modern era. We can see the people who do sea sports while anchoring in the harbor where our sea transport will arrive.

Sea sports can take many different forms. Sailing, swimming, different types of surfing, tube diving, rafting, water skiing, canoeing. Marine sports are mostly referred to as water sports because we are able to include many activities including lakes, streams and dams. In sea sports, everyone but everyone must learn to swim activity. The values he gives to human health are incredible. Protects the heart, contributes to muscle development, asthma is good, bones are good and most importantly makes people happy. According to many studies, swimming is the sport that allows all the muscles of the body to work. The recommended healing to many patients is swimming. Besides, swimming can save human life. Because of that, we have to teach our children to swim. Now you say that I don't live by the sea and I go to the sea once a year if I'm available. What's the need to learn to swim! That's what I'm saying. Swimming is not an activity that is just at sea. If it is suitable for water and safety and hygiene, it can be swim everywhere. Remember that many people who are 70 years old and suffering from physical illness learn to swim to relieve their pain and apply water physical treatments. Even today, it is so common that thermal hotels have been opened for these reasons. We understand that the biggest reason for the development of marine sports is health. It is very important to consciously use sea products such as sea sports.

When we say seafood, fish consumption should not come to mind. Seafood is used in different sectors in many countries around the world. These sectors can be seen in the production of medicine, cosmetics, home accessories, jewelry. Yes, if the use of seafood in different sectors in extreme production is harmful to the maritime spirit and nature. It should be one of our principles not to use marine products to give meaning to our world and not to harm sea creatures. In addition, at least once a week to consume the value of human health to consume seafood should not forget. Of course, while doing this, each individual must receive marine education in schools.

Unfortunately, there are no courses on maritime education in our country starting from primary school level to high school age. From elementary school, we must instill in our children the benefits of the sea, the health impact of swimming, the importance of shipping in trade, the benefits of seafood to our bodies, the protection of the sea and, most importantly, the love of the sea. If you tell our generation right from the age of child education, we will bring our children in love of the sea. In addition, as I mentioned above, we can teach ship management and ship trade to our children from an early age.

As I said at the beginning of this article, ship management is not a concept that only exists at sea. As well as at sea, the business of ship management continues on land. Furthermore, ship management has gained more importance with modern trade understanding. The increase in the use of world resources has gained importance in the development of ship management. As in every sector in ship management, different business lines have given place to trade life. Different companies or persons have duties in ship management. These tasks include: measuring the availability of the sea, providing the needs of the ship (fuel, water and food), securing the ship's property, life and environment, training seafarers and providing appropriate personnel, providing official documents, finding and maintaining resources appropriate to the commercial purpose of the ship, However, the ship's commercial purposes according to loading, evacuation, passenger boarding and unloading services such as bureaucratic procedures and do. Maritime trade has also developed along with ship management.

The most important factor in the increase of maritime trade is that the world has become a village. Accessibility has become easier with globalization. Today, many different materials can be transported from point a to point b in the world. However, with the point where the technology has come, animal transportation, fruit and vegetable transportation and even the electricity needs of the countries can be realized by ships. Together with the development of ship management technology has become easier. Ship accidents have decreased with new radar systems. Trade with ships has also increased. Many countries have even entered the race to produce war ships. Today, countries with more fleet of warships are trying to control the world's important maritime trade routes. However, port construction in the world has increased compared to previous years. This shows that the more a country attaches importance to maritime trade, the more it is seen that the country contributes to the development.

In today's article, I wanted to tell my dear readers that maritime is not a shallow concept. Maritime is indispensable for human life. I will talk about the state of the marine in Turkey in the next article. Stay healthy!