What do you do if you fall into the sea?

What do you do if you fall into the sea?

No matter how well people know how to swim, in some cases, accidents may occur that have undesirable consequences. Some situations need to be done especially when falling into the sea. Namely; 

• First of all, you should stay calm when you fall into the sea and avoid any actions that will waste your energy. Since it is unclear how soon people will come to save you, you should use your existing energy as efficiently as possible. 

• It is very important to maintain your body temperature. Because people will be affected by this situation, especially in cold water, such as 10-15 minutes after a time you can fall sluggish. 

• Tighten the neck and arm of your clothing to keep your body in contact with as little water as possible. 

• If the weather is bad, turn your back on the wave and prevent water from entering your mouth and nose.

• Calmly look around and see if there are any life preservers or objects to hold on to. If you find an object like this, hold onto it and wait as still as possible until people find you. 

• If you have a life preserver, inflate it and try to inflate it extra, which will also protect you from the cold.