Vicem Yachts

Vicem Yachts

Founded in 1991 by Sebahattin Hafızoğlu companies in Turkey today is among the major boat manufacturers. The company, which started to produce high quality and advanced boats with the mission of producing, today is doing much more than that. Vicem Yachts is a company that does not give up the traditional in the boats it produces, blends it with developing technologies, and creates unique designs. We would like to inform you in more detail about what the company has done and what designs it has signed.

About Vicem Yachts Company

The philosophy adopted by the company has an important place in its success. The philosophy that this has adopted consists of 3 main elements. These elements;

  • Timeless design
  • Full customization
  • Excellent Craftsmanship

It is no coincidence that the company that thinks and applies these 3 important elements with the same meticulousness in every boat it produces is successful. First of all, it makes completely customized designs for its customers. He also wants these designs to be timeless and adds details accordingly. Finally, it combines perfect design with magnificent workmanship and creates unique structures. It is not naturally a coincidence that happy customers are left behind afterward. Vicem Yachts also attaches great importance to the use of quality materials in the boats it manufactures. It does its utmost to ensure that the perfectly designed boats are also durable and permanent. With its designs, the company has the title of "The best ambassador of down east style yachting". The company's designs have a combination of contemporary and classic and perfect harmony.