UnCruise Adventures

UnCruise Adventures

The company was established in 2008. UnCruise Adventures is an American company and was established in Everett, Washington State. The company offers cruise service via small ships. It provides regional based services to the center of America, the Pacific Ocean, and the United States. The company's CEO is Dan Blanchard. Tim Jacox is Another. Eric Gier takes an important position in the company. The main owner of the company is Inner Sea Discoveries Alaska. After the American Safari Cruises company was acquired by Sea Discoveries company in 2008, the company name was changed to UnCruise in 2013. After the company's fleet was expanded in early 2013, the name changed. 

UnCruise Adventures Company Has A Wide Fleet 

In 2016, the company renamed the brand. During this change, a new logo was created by the company. The company currently has 9 ships. It has 8 of these ships. The company has 2 head offices. The first one was established in Seattle. The second of these centers are located in Juneau, Alaska State. The company's ships used for safari cruise travel are: 

  • Safari Endeavor, 
  • Safari Voyager, 
  • Safari Explorer,
  • Safari Quest,
  • La Pinta. 

The ships used by the company in its expeditions for deserted areas are as follows: Wilderness Adventurer, Wilderness Discoverer, Wilderness Explorer. The company owns a ship, S.S Legacy, which considers this ship for the river cruise fleet. UnCruise Adventures company has an important part of its market share with its wide fleet.