Turkish Maritime Ship Masters Association

Turkish Maritime Ship Masters Association

The Turkish Maritime Ship Masters Association was founded in 1959 by captains who were graduates of the High Maritime School as it was then called. These captains are Zekai İçsel/Kalpakoğlu, Süreyya Gürsu, İzzettin Gezer, Hüseyin Seyhun, Enver Tangör, Cevdet Dimağoğlu, Müfit Tanca, Fazıl İslam, Orhan Orsa, Kemal Gürdal and Şerif Karapınar. The association was established with 11 founding members in Ada Han in Galata, Istanbul.

Objectives of the Turkish Marine Masters Association

The main purpose of the association is to gather the graduates of the Deck Department under one roof, who sail our country's ships in the world's seas by flying the glorious Turkish flag. It is a professional organization established to enable ship captains to communicate with each other.

In short, it is the aim of the Turkish Long Way Ship Masters Association to ensure that its member's solidarity with each other, solidarity, and technical and social development. In addition to contributing to the development and development of our country's maritime by achieving better conditions for captains and ships, it is among the aims of participating in and contributing to national and international studies in all matters concerning their profession. Captains also endeavor to fulfill duties such as an expert witness, expert, arbitration, and technical consultancy in administrative and legal authorities in all matters related to maritime, when necessary, and upon their request.

Foundation Story of the Association

The idea of ​​establishing and needing the Turkish Unlimited Ship Masters Association belongs to Captain Zeki İçsel/Kalpakoğlu. As a result of his efforts, it was founded under his presidency and with 11 founding members. During the establishment phase, Shipowner Captain Orhan Orsa, owner of the Şark Shipping Company, provided the greatest support. He supported the organization's work in his own office and by providing financial support. During the establishment of the association, he assumed the task of secretary.

The association continues its activities in its property in Salıpazarı, which it bought in 1987 with its means. Other seafarers participate in the joint decision of the management of sister organizations. In 2002, the association moved its headquarters to "Gündüz Aybay Maritime Center" in Kadıköy. Today it continues its activities at the same address.

The association has 756 members today. Gündüz continues its activities in the Kadıköy district of Istanbul under the name of Aybay Maritime Center. The Turkish Maritime Ship Masters Association continues to work for the ships of our country to navigate easily and to gather the graduates of the Deck Department under the same roof.