Turgut Reis

Turgut Reis

He was born in 1485 in Karatoprak Village, which is known as re Turgut Reis ’in Bodrum. His ability to use arrows and spears at an early age has made him well-known to his surroundings. He was taken to the Ottoman army with his ability to use spears and arrows. He grew up in the Ottoman army and became successful artillery and a sailor.

In 1517, he participated in the Mamluk campaign of the Ottoman Empire. Sinan Pasha has achieved many successes by joining the navy. His maritime talent was quickly brought to the attention of a galley captain. During this period, it played an important role in the attacks on Venice. The Eastern Mediterranean has become an important sailor for the Ottoman Empire with its powerful attacks and achievements.

Thanks to his increasing success, he joined the navy of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha in 1520. He took part in the Battle of Preveza with Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha and commanded 30 galleys. In 1539 he was appointed the governor of Djerba by Suleiman the Magnificent. During this mission, Spain, Sicily and Italy carried out significant attacks on coastal cities.

He was captured and held captive by the Genoese on the western coast of Corsica. As a result of this captivity, a period of 4 years in captivity began. He worked as a force in Genoese ships for 4 years. Although Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha offered important ransoms to free this important sailor from the hands of the Genoese, these proposals were rejected by the Genoese.

When Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha came to the city of Genoa with a strong navy and demanded the release of Turgut Reis in 1544, as a result of Andrea Doria's acceptance of 3500 ducats, Turgut Reis was released. After Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha's death in 1546, he was appointed as the commander of the Ottoman navy in the Mediterranean. He carried out various sea attacks for 2 years. In 1548, he was awarded the title of Governor of Algeria. In 1550, he achieved important victories on the shores of Tunisia.

In 1551, he was assigned to Tripoli by the Suleiman the Magnificent as the governor of Tripoli. He defeated Andrea Doria, the head of the Genoa navy, in 1552 during the Ponza Sea Battle. After this success, Turgut Reis was appointed as the Beylerbeyi of the Mediterranean. It was declared as the Tripoli Pasha in 1556. In 1559, the Spanish Empire, which tried to seize Tripoli, defeated Djerba as a result of the Sea War.

When Turgut Reis was ordered by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent to join the Siege of Malta in 1565, Turgut Reis joined the Siege of Malta. During the siege of St.Elmo Castle, one of the cannons thrown from other castles was hit and he was seriously injured. Turgut Reis died on 23 June 1565 as a result of this serious injury.