Trabzon Cruise Port

Trabzon Cruise Port

Nowadays, people who are bored with the classical sea, sand and sun tourism have entered different searches. As a result of this search, alternative tourism types emerged. Among the mass tourism, alternative tourism which is increasingly preferred is cruise tourism. In this type of tourism performed by giant ships, it is essential to reach a city after short sea passengers. Usually, one day is spent in the city.

Cruise ships visit many ports in different countries. Cruise tourists have the opportunity to walk around the port and shop around the approached port, apart from the activities organized within the ship. So, a considerable amount of tourism income is obtained in the approached port region.

 Trabzon is suitable as a cruise port in terms of harboring historical and natural beauties together. This region attracts the attention of, especially American and European tourists. Trabzon, an important port city, leaves important legacies to the world culture with its five thousand years of history. Sumela Monastery and Hagia Sophia Museum is a cruising point of interest for tourists. The jewelry processed by local people is also remarkable for tourists.

Trabzon cruise port is one of the most important ports in the Black Sea region. Therefore, Trabzon is the Black Sea port which is the most frequented by cruise ships. Cruise ships usually visit Istanbul, Sinop, Sochi, Batumi and Trabzon and Istanbul. This is a week cruise program for a cruise ship. 7,952 passengers with 14 ships come to Trabzon in 2010, 6,267 passengers with 13 ships come to Trabzon in 2011, 8,015 passengers with 18 ships come to Trabzon in 2012, 8,115 passengers with 24 ships come to Trabzon in 2013, 16,138 passengers with 37 ships come to Trabzon in 2014, 2,281 passengers with 10 ships come to Trabzon in 2015, 226 passengers with 3 ships come to Trabzon in 2016, 103 passengers with 1 ship come to Trabzon in 2017 and no ships come to Trabzon in 2018 and 2019.

Global Ports Holding is continuing its efforts to bring more ships to cruise ports. Tourism revenue will continue to increase as Trabzon stands out with its cruise port. In this way, both our country and the local people will develop more.