Things to do Before Towing

Things to do Before Towing

Some actions need to be done before the towing or as a preparation before the towing. 


• It is necessary to decide the location of the rope to be used to moor the towing boat. 

• The helmsman who works on the towing boat will contact you via radio. When you contact him, you should warn if there are rocky and shallow areas in the area to be towed. You should also let us know if you own a network or rope. 

• Secure the tow rope to a stable location. Also, make an easy knot so that you can easily open it in possible danger. 

• During the tow operation, the rope will move to the right and left, which may result in wear. To prevent this, it is necessary to wrap the dovetail passages with a cloth. 

• You can make the towing process easier with a balance that you will have with you. 

• Always keep a cutting tool in case you have to cut the ropes.