Superstitions that cover all areas of life, more in sailors

Superstitions that cover all areas of life, more in sailors

It was stated that many superstitions surrounding our lives continue despite the developing technology, and the information age we are in. Eren Budaklı, an officer of the Nautica Goods, who stated that the western beliefs continue intensely in the life above the water, conveyed the superstitions in the sea. In maritime where there are very interesting superstitions; it is believed that opening to the sea on the first day of April and looking back to the sea from the pier brought bad luck, feeding a black cat on the ship. 

Eren Budaklı, the officer of the Nautica Goods, stated that superstitions that have been going on for centuries are still alive, although they are known to be superstitious, " Buoyant beliefs that surprise the hearers are also very much in the life above the water. For the early ages, people from every society have believed in unearthly events that are generally unrealistic due to their fears, helplessness, and old traditions. We also researched superstitions in maritime. " 

He shared superstitions in maritime. Stating that the superstitions that have been reached from the past to present due to the difficult journeys to / of the seas should not be fooled and superstitions are very common in the life on the water, Budaklı said, " Although many of these superstitions are irrational and pushing the limits of logic, they still have an important place for seafarers."

Some superstitions in maritime

The journey is not allowed on the first day of April. The reason for this is the Prophet's son, Abel, was believed to have been killed by his brother, Kabul, that day. Sailors carrying black travel bags would cause evil. If someone with red hair or a flat bottom appeared before the sailors before the voyage, it would be bad luck and it was necessary to speak before those people. If a stopper made of stolen wood was used in the backbone of the ship, it would increase the speed of the ship. The silver money placed under the main pole was thought to bring good luck. Getting on the boat with the left foot would have caused an accident. When throwing stones in the sea was seen as disrespect, it would increase the waves and storms in the sea. A stone was thrown into the sea over the ship, and it was believed that the ship would not return if the stone did not fall into the sea. It was believed that it brought irreversible bad luck from the pier to sea. In England, it is believed that a black cat brings good luck and in other regions, it was believed to bring bad luck. Seeing dolphins and swallows in the sea meant good luck. Seeing birds like cormorants and snipe would have the opposite bad luck. Women were not allowed on the boat. The reason for this was that the boats were believed to be female and would sink if they would envy it if women were taken into the boat. It was believed that wearing sailors ' gold earrings would save them from drowning. They were also believed to be born as sailors when they died and were resurrected. The cat on the ship was sacred and never angered. Getting tattoos would bring sailors luck and protect them against disasters at sea.

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