The city, the capital of Sweden, is the largest in the country. The city is officially affiliated to the Stockholm Region. In the census conducted in 2008, approximately 25% of the total population lives in this city. 35% of the country's industry is also established in this city. Stockholm seaports are considered important for the city. The city is the most populous in the country with a total population of 2 million. The city in Scandinavia since the 13th century; draws attention as a political, cultural, economic and media center.

Apart from the mainland, there are 14 islands and a channel where Lake Malaren integrates with the sea. The finding of the Stockholm archipelago in this way led to the name of the Venice of the North. The city's parks, structures, historical sites, green spaces, and educational centers are very advanced. This shows that the city is an advanced European city. According to the calculated data, it is a city where more than 1 million tourists flock per year. This resulted in being in the most visited city structure in Scandinavia.

The city is located in the central southeast of Sweden. It is located exactly at the point where Lake Malaren intersects with the Baltic Sea. The city center includes fourteen candidates, following the Stockholm archipelago. Three-tenths of the city area is covered with waterways. The remaining three-tenths part consists of green areas and parks. Due to the green areas owned, the air of the city is very healthy and clean.

Stockholm Ship Ports 

There are 2 large cruise terminals in the port. Their names are listed in the records as Frihamnen and Stadsgarden. The port is located on the north side of the city. It has the feature of being a port visited by many ships during the year. It significantly contributes to the city. This being done further increases the importance of the port for the city. The port, where many ships stop, has the potential to bring a large number of tourists. Stockholm ship harbors are frequently used by cruise ships. A significant amount of cargo transportation is carried out through the port throughout the year. There are many hotels for tourists to stay near the harbor. Tourists coming to the city prefer this port for sea voyages.