Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises

The Silversea Cruises company is a luxury cruise line company. The company was established in 1994. The company's headquarters is in Monaco. The company was later acquired by the Royal Caribbean Cruises limited company. The company was founded in 1994 with the joint venture of the Vlasov Group of Monaco and the Lefebvre family in Rome. The company's first ship, the Silver Cloud ship, was made by the company for the first time on an all-inclusive cruise. So, the pioneer of this initiative has been the company Silversea. In June 2018, 67% of cruise line control was achieved by the Royal Caribbean Cruises limited company.

Silversea Cruises Company

The company was founded in 1994 as a joint venture. The first attempt of the Lefebvre family with the Vlasov Group of Monaco, the founders of the Silversea company, was previously jointly owned by the Sitmar Cruises company. This joint venture, under the name of Silversea company, is an important market strategy for the first time in the travel fee;

  • Free drink,
  • Covering the port cost,
  • Making travel insurance,
  • Provided unrequited shore excursion service.

80% of the passengers who preferred the Silversea company were traveling from North America. The sales office of this line was also set up in Miami Florida. Silver Cloud, the first ship of the Silversea company, started service in April 1994. The launch of this ship was followed by Silver Wind as a sister ship in January 1995. In September 2000, it was announced by the company that the Silver Shadow ship would operate as a new ship on the line. In January 2001, the Silver Whisper vessel became another on-line vessel operated by the company Silversea Cruises.