Seamen Students Association

Seamen Students Association

It has shown the maritime industry as Atatürk's great ideal. The importance of maritime is increasing in our country and the world. With this awareness, the Seamen Students Association continues its activities to keep Turkish maritime students together and to be brought to this country. It helps students prepare scientific projects and studies around the main theme of maritime. Besides, it helps to carry out works that will be beneficial both for international maritime and our country maritime. 

Mission and Vision of Maritime Students Association 

The mission of the founder and members of the association is to activate the activities among the students studying on maritime. Ensuring the development of these activities is among the mission of the association. In addition to supporting people and organizations working on this subject, it cooperates when deemed necessary. The mission of the Maritime Students Association is to tell the civil society about maritime and to help the public raise awareness. The vision of the association is to become the leading platform that provides solidarity with its students studying at maritime faculties since 1999.

History of the Association 

The association was established when the calendars showed the year 1999. The first name of the association that has been TUDÖB National Seafarers' of Turkey Students. In 2006, the association took place in full. It also took its present name as a name. In 2010, project competitions were held within the scope of the European Capital of Culture. Among the 550 projects that participated, the project produced by the association managed to rank sixth. In the same year, the first international congress called the Mermaid Congress was held. By the year 2016, the Sea of ​​Your Dreams project was realized. As part of this project, the seas of children who have never met the sea in their lifetime were depicted. There was a competition among these pictures. One year after this project, the seafarers, known in the sector, came together and had a conversation with the students. Also in 2017, vocational knowledge was transferred to students who did not have a maritime department in their high school. Seamen Students Association published the first issue of the magazine called Denizden in 2017. The association, which has operated since its establishment, continues to exist as the only non-governmental organization established for maritime students in our country and the world. It recommends students to become members of such associations and s.