Seafarers' Solidarity Association

Seafarers' Solidarity Association

The name of the association is D.D.D. It is expressed briefly with the letters. Seafarers' Solidarity Association, headquartered in Istanbul, can open branches and representation offices at home and abroad. It was established to increase social, economic, and cultural solidarity among the members of the association. It prioritizes maritime customs, traditions, and customs. In addition to participating in all kinds of activities and initiatives related to the development of our maritime power and our country, it also provides the necessary support. 

Objectives of the Association 

The association started its activities on 07 July 1993. When the calendars showed the year 2001, it included Voluntary Search and Rescue at Sea (DAK / SAR) unit under the Seafarers Solidarity Association. The association has various aims. 

These purposes can be listed as follows: 

  • To support the national ideal, which is determined as the Turkish nation to use its seas and other water resources more and more consciously, 
  • To make written or visual, periodical and non-periodical publications to develop maritime awareness and to spread this awareness by everyone, 
  • The final destination to increase the confidence of users Sea coast in Turkey is being offered all at sea and sea rescue service set up volunteer rescue organization, 
  • To operate the Voluntary Rescue Organization at Sea in an economically self-sufficient manner, 
  • To be an association whose knowledge is trusted on safety and security issues at sea, 
  • To be a reference organization whose opinions can be consulted when needed, 
  • To use all kinds of information, technological innovations, and materials for its purposes, 
  • To present the needs of its members to the service of Turkish Maritime in the cheapest and easily accessible way. Since its establishment, the association has been engaged in various activities in line with these purposes.

Seafarers' Solidarity Association Activities

The association establishes and undertakes economic, commercial, and industrial enterprises to provide the necessary financial support to fulfill its objectives. It opens branches and representation offices in all sea, lake, pond, and riverside residential areas to attain the status of associations beneficial to the public. Turkey has made an effort to get the Seafarers Solidarity Association name. All non-governmental organizations to be established to protect the basic order clearly defined in the Constitution are included in s, federations, and platforms. It cooperates with other maritime associations when necessary. It tries to improve the services it offers to its members.