As a company that offers cruise line service, the company organizes cruise and private tours. The company was founded in 1987 by Australian businessman Glen Moroney. The scenic company opened its first office in England in 2007. The company's headquarters was opened in Manchester. The company started its cruises a year after its official opening with its first ship, “Scenic Sapphire”. The company was managing 15 cruise ships by August 2019. With these ships; 

  • Europe,
  • Russia,
  • Southeast Asia.

On August 15, the company started to operate flights to America, Europe, Arctic, Antarctic and Norwegian Fjords with the specially produced ocean cruise ship "Scenic Eclipse". 

Scenic Cruise Company's Activities 

After owning the “Scenic Eclipse” ship, the company also approved the manufacture of a new ship as the sister of this ship. This sister ship is expected to start voyages in 2020. The company started its first European flight in 2008. The company completed its first voyages with its first ship Sapphire. By 2009, Scenic Emerald, Scenic Diamond, and Scenic Ruby joined the company's fleet. In 2012, Scenic Tsar was added to the fleet as a new ship. The Tsar ship is also the company's first passenger boat. This ship is a ship registered in Moscow. With this ship, many tours were organized for the Scenic company on the Volga river.