Saint James

Saint James

Howell Davis was a famous pirate considered a turning point in the history of piracy. It is known that the pirate's career in piracy lasted only 11 months, from July 11, 1718, when he was ambushed and killed, to June 19, 1719. The ships of the famous pirate are Cadogan, Buck, Saint James, and Rover. It is known that Davis captured 15 British and French ships during his piracy.

Pirate Davis began piracy on July 11, 1718, when the slave ship Cadogan he served was captured by the famous pirate Edward England and his crew. Deciding to join the pirates' crew, Davis took command of the slave ship Cadogan. Then pirate Davis set sail for Brazil on July 18, 1718.

However, the crew of the famous pirate Davis revolted and changed course to Barbados. Davis was imprisoned for seizing pirate ships in Barbados. Famous pirate Davis was released after a while. Following his release, Pirate Davis took refuge in a New Providence pirate bunker in the Bahamas. He then plotted with six crew members, including pirate Thomas Anstis and Walter Kennedy, to seize a ship off Martinique. Pirate Davis was named captain on this ship.

Flagship Saint James

Famous pirate Howell Davis and his crew crossed the Atlantic in an attempt to terrorize shipping and gain loot on the Cape Verde Islands. One of the loot won there was the famous 26-armed ship Saint James, the new flagship of Davis' famous fleet. Many different ships were plundered, including a wealthy Dutch ship. However, the famous ship Saint James has managed to become Davis' new flagship, as it is a warship that amazes the pirates.

Later, pirate Davis formed a partnership with the famous French pirate Olivier Levasseur, known as La Buse, and the famous pirate captain Thomas Cocklyn. This partnership continued until it was dissolved in a drunken debate. With this partnership, many famous pirate ships were seized. With this partnership, the pirates have their names written in the history of piracy.

The Killing of Howell Davis

Pirate Davis claimed to be a Royal Navy pirate hunter to kidnap the governor of the Portuguese island of Príncipe. When he took action to realize this claim, the governor noticed the situation. Pirate Davis decided to search for a castle to get a glass of wine. On his way there he was ambushed by the governor's men.

Davis, the pirate of the famous ship Saint James, who disappeared after the raid on Maio Island, was killed on 19 June 1719. The success of the famous pirate Davis on the ships captured was considered a turning point in the history of piracy.