Sailing Today

Sailing Today

Maritime activities are increasing its audience who are interested in this field day by day. When the contents of shipping activities are presented in a quality and up-to-date manner, they are followed by many people. The number of sources offering quality content about maritime is also increasing day by day. Sailing Today magazine is a resource that provides quality information about maritime activities. The content it offers attracts the attention of many people and gets its admiration. 

The publication date of the journal is based on an old date like 1993. Since the information provided by the magazine is the necessary information about shipping, the sales figures for the magazine are at a significant level. The editor of the magazine is Sam Jefferson. 

Other topics offered about shipping include: 

  • Special interviews, 
  • Information about the boat and yacht, 
  • Special routes, 
  • Marine related tools and equipment, 

In short, the magazine includes all other maritime issues. It is also known that the special interviews in the magazine draw attention to every issue. It has been observed that those who are interested in maritime activities especially follow the magazine for the discovery of private routes. Those who want to have a high quality and rich resource about maritime activities are recommended to follow the journal.