Mankind has sought an alternative to the highway in history, thus meeting water and sea. Remains from the past, connected to us, standing there on a tree trunk, meet now, began with tree trunks shakes made sea transport. Then mankind learned to rule the wind at the mouth of nature. From the rafts on the map to the arm's forces, today's nuclear transatlantics evolved rapidly. When we look at the archaeological maps, the first maritime nations were Phoenicians and Egyptians.

The word wind comes from Persian. The word rüzg wind ', which derives from the root of the day (wind), means günler days, time, duration, and passing gelip. Sailing through the wind, as a sport or an occupation, is against time. He was reset to sea with a sailing boat. The wind will wait slowly. Very hard work you would expect again.

There is no age to be a sailor. You put the 6-year-old in his optimistic boat and testify to the miracle. You'll still be surprised at how vigorous the eighty-born sailors are. It is such a sport that sailing; Father-daughter, grandfather-grandchildren together.

If you want to be a racer, whether you have just been trained, if you want a sailing enthusiast; when you meet sail as a child, you don't want a lot in your life. Beginning from childhood, sailing sports can be listed as advantageous, unique, dimensional awareness, sense of direction, weather information, order-cleaning habits, patience and quality time with the family.

Awareness of being a member of a team; While struggling with the waves, he is not trying to rescue himself, but to do his best on the boat. And most importantly, no one can act.