Little is known about George Lowther's life. Based on the limited information obtained, it is known that the pirate Goerge Lowther was an 18th-century British pirate active in the Caribbean and the Atlantic.

Lowther's first friend was the famous pirate Edward Low. The pirate ship named Rebecca is the ship given to Edward Low by George Lowther. It is known that the famous ship is the Libertine ship. The famous pirate ship named Rebecca has joined forces with the pirate Low to expand its piracy expeditions. The famous pirate ship was not used in piracy activities later on and continued to be used as a fishing ship. Nevertheless, it has managed to be among the famous pirate ships.

Who is Edward Low?

It is known that the name of the famous pirate Edward Low was also spelled, Lowe or Loe. The Pirate Low is thought to have lived between 1690 and 1724. Low was an English pirate who lived in the late 18th century, in the last days of the Golden Age of Piracy. The famous pirate Low was born in Westminster, London. Living in poverty, low, the pirate was known as a notorious thief from an early age. When the famous pirate Low became a young man, he moved to Boston Massachusetts. His wife died in childbirth in late 1719 snake. By 1720, he became a pirate in activities along the coasts of New England and the Azores.

The Pirate Low was captain of ships, usually guarding a small fleet of three or four people. He and other pirate crews are referred to as captains who owned the fewest pirate ships during their short careers.

It is known that the famous pirate Low burned most of the ships he captured. The famous pirate is known for torturing his victims terribly before killing them, despite having spent only three years of hacking. Notorious as one of the most ruthless pirates.

Rebecca's First Owner

The first owner of the famous pirate ship Rebecca was George Lowther. Not much is known about the famous pirate George Lowther before he became Captain II on the slave ship Gambia Castle under the command of Captain Charles Russell. However, Lowther was recognized as more popular with the crew. Because Captain Russell seemed to care more about the slave shipment than his men.

Captain Russell did not trust the pirate Lowther, and many crew members took Lowther's side when he tried to whip him. One night, as Captain Russell got off the ship, Massey and Lowther decided to sail without him. Massey was planning to return to England. But Lowther, the crew, and Massey's soldiers did not agree. The famous pirate Lowther was made captain by the crew. From the name of this incident to the famous pirate Lowther's ship, the pirate life began.