The company was founded in 1979. While Quicksilver had a small production capacity in the year it was founded, it increased its production level rapidly in the following years. Many different types of boats are produced by the company. Sundeck model boats produced by the company attract great attention. Types of these model boats are: 

  • Activ 605 Sundeck, 
  • Activ 675 Sundeck, 
  • Activ 755 Sundeck, 
  • Activ 805 Sundeck, 
  • Activ 875 Sundeck. 

Activ 605 Sundeck models have a very elegant appearance. Mercury engines are used in these models. The power of the Mercury engine is 115-150 hp. Easy access to the front and back of the boat is provided. It is an eye-catching model with its aesthetic design. There are two areas to lie down. These areas increase passenger comfort. Quicksilver Company Stands Out With Original Models 

The models offered by the company for fishing activities have a stylish design. These types of boats are called Pilothouse. Pilothouse fishing models are 

  • 605 Pilothouse, 
  • 675 Pilothouse, 
  • 805 Pilothouse, 
  • 905 Pilothouse. 

605 Pilothouse fishing boats have 150 horsepower engines. Also, a wide cockpit area provides ease of use. Finding a route with electronic navigation software is also provided easily. It is designed and produced in ideal dimensions for fishing. These models are preferred for a successful and comfortable fishing experience. Besides, 675 Pilothouse models are also among the demanded models. Quicksilver company produces unique models.