Quebec City

Quebec City

It is a city in the capital of the state of Quebec in Canada. According to the 2019 census, the number of people living in the region is about 8.5 million. The person living in the city is about 600 thousand people. The city is the second-largest city in the Quebec region with the same name. Considering history, it has the only city view with walls in North America outside Mexico. Quebec City ship harbors are also among the important structures for the city. The city has been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO due to its historical buildings and beauty since 1985. 

The city has the distinction of being one of the oldest cities in North America. The city was founded in 1608. The area of ​​the city is 484 square kilometers. The Winter Carnival, which is held annually in the city, attracts the attention of tourists. In addition to the Winter Carnival, the historical hotel, identified with the city's history, has become a city name with the Chateau Frontenac Hotel. Montmorency Waterfalls, which are outside this organization and the building in the city, are also visited by visitors. Apart from these, Sainte Anne de Beaupre Basilica can be considered as a place worth seeing in the city. 

It is known that the region has four different climates. After a mild spring, a cold winter season is experienced. Summer months are usually hot. Different climate and soil characteristics originating from latitude prevail in the region. Vegetation varies as you go from south to north in the region. Tundra vegetation is found in the northernmost part of the region.

Quebec City Ship Ports

The port has a port feature in the interior of the country. This is known as the oldest port in Canada. It is the second-largest port in Canada after Montreal Port. In the 19th century, this port was considered as one of the important ports for the world. The port has an enormous impact on the development of the city and Canada. Even in 1863, more than 1,600 ships used this port. In the same year, more than 25 thousand seafarers were in the port. Again in this area, important structures have been created for shipbuilding and development. Quebec City ship harbors further increased its importance in the 20th century. It provides very serious benefits to the country with the strengthening of the transportation link with the Port of Montreal.