Port Documents and Required Procedures

Port Documents and Required Procedures

The details that the amateur seafarers should know about the port documents and necessary procedures are as follows; 

• Tonilato Certificate issued by the administration in private and commercial yachts according to the measurement result 

• Document showing that commercial yachts are suitable for sea 

• Last yacht registration certificate for private yachts 

When Turkish flagged yachts go abroad, they should obtain a translog document from the Chamber of Shipping and fill it out and forward it to the relevant institutions. This applies equally to foreign ships. Information regarding the issue of the translog document is as follows; 

• The sections in the information about the boat in the document are filled according to the seaworthiness and tonnage certificate. 

• The captain section of the document is filled in with information about the captain. 

• The passenger and personnel section is filled in with the help of information according to the passenger and personnel section. After the seal is stamped by the port, the certificate is also approved by the Border and Coast Health Directorate. 

The document is stamped with the seal and date. For private yacht owners, there is no obligation for such a situation in the country. 

There is an obligation to obtain a translog document only for the personnel. In this document;

• Roadworthiness certificate

• Ship certification

• Certificate of seaworthiness

• Private yacht registration certificate

• Yacht registration certificate (foreign)

• Yacht registration certificate (Turkish)

Port Expeditions and Off-Port Expeditions

There are some specific limits for ports. These limits are generally stated in port maps. Port flights to these voyages within the boundaries, outside of the port is called outside of the voyage.

Amateur vessels are equipped with the following equipment when making port flights;

• One life vest for each individual on board

• A lifebuoy connected to a 20-meter salvo

• Navigation lights according to the length of the boat

• 4 liters portable fire extinguisher

Equipment required for amateur sailors when leaving port services;

• Life jacket for every person on board

• Two lifebuoys connected to 20 meters

• 4 liters portable fire extinguisher

• Navigation light according to the class and size of the boat

• One magnetic compass

• A maneuvering whistle

• Marine maps of the areas to be navigated

• One compass

• One parallel

Port documents and necessary transactions are generally in this way.