NPS Design: Imagination, Love of the Sea and Natural Products

NPS Design: Imagination, Love of the Sea and Natural Products

Our guest this week is Pınar Sönmez. We start asking questions right away. 

Could you please introduce yourself? 

Pınar Sönmez Pınar Sönmez I was born in 1979 in Izmir. I've been married for 16 years. During this period, we decided to change 3 cities and settle in Kuşadası in our retirement because of my wife's duty. After staying in Istanbul for a long time, we finally realized our dream of living in a quiet district by the sea. I have two 3 and 15 years old handsome boys. After a long break from working life, my hobby turned into a work, which led me to a quick return to working life. 

Can you tell us about your products? 

First of all, I prepare the products with great pleasure. I use all-natural products. Collecting seashells from the seaside as we have time is our greatest pleasure in the family. I combine these natural products with other products such as rope, straw and produce bags. I'm preparing a maximum of 3 same models and 3 pieces of bags for each model. When I start the model I don't know what will come out of it, the sequel comes spontaneously. 

Why did you choose this job? 

When my husband got retired, my free time at home began to increase. First of all, anyone who sees the products I have prepared for myself as a hobby, directed me to this by saying, 'Will you prepare us?'. I said to my husband, ‘I love to do this job and demand is increased and let's start production’. My husband was my greatest supporter and the best staff. Now we produce together. Afterward, we bring our bags to local and foreign tourists in our place which is located in the Atatürk statue on the Kuşadası coast. We have provided the opportunity to reach many countries abroad. 

How many years have you been in this sector?

We have not been in this sector for many years. Two years have passed, but we are in much better places than we expected in a short time. We are expanding our product range day by day.

You use maritime themes in your products. What's the story?

As someone who is in love with the sea, there is a constant marine theme in my bags. After I got married, we lived in Kayseri for 6 years for work purposes. This was a very long time for me not to see the sea. Now, it is time for revenge! I put a tiny starfish or a seashell on my products so everyone will remember the sea even if they do not live by the sea.

Did you learn this from your family or did you take a course?

I did not take any training course. But I've always liked to produce a little imagination, a little interest in natural products and love of the sea, these bags came together.

Who is your customer portfolio?

A 10-year-old girl likes to buy the bags I prepared a fondly 70-year-old woman can use very easily. I care for all ages. The smallest member of a family who came to my booth, and his grandmother or grandmother can shop at the same time.